The Keyblade





Introduction: The Keyblade

This a keyblade i made out of the tops of lightsaber blades, carboard, tape, and keychain rings!
Hope you like it!

If you want to know how i made it go to this link

OMG! Over 500 VIEWS! I never thought my key would get so many views!



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    can you make out of wood an oathkeeper out of wood=]?

    nice keyblade man!

    Great idea . . that being said you should  try to refine your technique its not a very smooth final product

    i recently made it look a little smoother by adding metal tape and a new layer of tape for the hilt it looks alot cooler

    Yeah. its way better than my first one which was about 3 ft long or somethin and was just a tube of silver paper. I also made oathkeeper and oblivion but the oathkeeper isnt as good as this and the oblivion stinks

    But i didnt put them on instructables

    Now i did, thier on my slidehow the final fantasy and kingdom hearts collection

    cool. I bet it holds together better than mine. here is a pic of mine.


    Wow thats cool I like the teeth cuz the have the crown shape like in the games and mine doesnt, also how long is that? it looks pretty long

    Thanks, I'm thinking about putting tape on it like you did and then repainting it because all that is holding it together is hot glue so I can't swing it at all. :( Should I post an instructable on it? Oh I almost forgot, it is 3 feet and 8 inches long. Yeah I like the teeth too. I call it the nightmare keyblade. Oh and your oblivion keyblade looks great for making it out of the materials that you did. That is more of the type of keyblade to be made out of wood.