Hello K'nex community!

The Kinetic Rifle is finally here!  To those of you who have been waiting since christmas for me to post this I'd like to say that I'm sorry it couldn't have been posted sooner...I simply have too much going on in my junior year in high school.  For those of you that this gun is new to, here's a description of the gun and how it works:

This gun is a bullpup, horizontal magazine, pump action, sling semi-repeater.  Quite a mouthful.  The term semi repeater means that it requires two actions to load it: pulling back the band and then pumping it, rather than simply pumping it, although it has a 4 shot horizontal magazine, meaning you don't have to manually load each shot.  My emphasis on this gun was to prove the potential that horizontal magazines have, and the plain coolness of the mechanism.

So I hope you guys enjoy it and I know a lot of people have been leaving recently so I'll just say this: K'nex is not dead, innovation is just currently at a standstill.  If you decide to leave, your going to have the most amazing idea sooner or later and your going to want to come back.  There is so much left to be discovered!

*This is an extremely complex build and pictures and image notes must be followed exactly for the gun to work.  Everything is the way it is for a reason.

100ft+ range (the ratchet can hold pretty much any amount of tension so it's hard to say the exact range)

Pump action!

Much quicker reload than other slings

4 shot H-mag

Sweet reloading and firing system

Just an amazing gun


A little too big for some

Slow reload compared to conventional repeaters

Step 1: The Stock (bottom Half)

Each number explains each picture respectively:

1.  The lower stock of the gun.  Probably the easiest part to build.
2.  Build the outer layer
3.  Build the inner layer (notice the blue rods where indicated)
4.  Build center layer (notice all the white rods)
5.  Get one outer layer
6.  Attach inner layer
7.  Attach center layer
8.  Attach inner layer
9.  Attach outer layer

You've finished the lower stock!

<p>Cool! I think I'm gonna make it!</p>
Do you need the broken part
<p>Which one are you referring to? There are actually several in this gun, the majority of which (all but one, I believe) that are used to keep internal moving mechanisms together. These mechanisms include the pump and the pusher. For these parts, you can substitute the broken pieces with green rods, wedged in the spaces between two connectors. There is another broken puece (again, a cut rod) in the mag pusher release, and I wouldn't be able to give you any immediate substitutions for this one, though I'm sure you could figure something out. </p><p>Happy building</p>
<p>Awesome gun! I will have to build it sometime.</p>
<p>Thanks man! As a recommendation if you do make it, you will see a lot of broken pieces in the pump and the lift. These can be replaced by putting small green rods in the gaps between green connectors, as you may have seen in other guns. This will keep the parts together without requiring any protruding rods. I haven't actually done this, but it looks like it should be possible, looking back at the pictures. You may even be able to figure something out regarding the mag pusher release. If you do let me know! Happy building, and to answer your other question, I unfortunately couldn't tell you how many white connectors it needs. Its a pain but if you really want to build it, you could count them from the pictures.</p>
<p>You are welcome!</p><p>Yes, I may try replacing the broken rods with green rods.</p><p>That's fine, I can count the white connectors from the pictures if I need to.</p>
<p>Does anyone know aproximatly how many white connectors are required to make this gun?</p>
I want to build this =) I built the shanti bow and it was great!
I also wonder why Knex guns recoil like real ones.
Also, what rubber bands are these.
Nice gun.
quick question, have you tried making this gun with a slightly wider pump, and having the ammunition feed through the front of the gun, and using the pump to lock the pusher for the ammunition into place, rather than having the tubular &quot;magazine&quot; internally built into the butt/stock of the gun? <br> <br> if that doesn't make any sense, i mean feeding the exact same way a true pump action shotgun does, but instead of it continuously pushing the rounds backward, using a rubber band attached to the beginning of the pump and the end of the mag pusher, and feeding backwards only when the gun is pumped, then with the pusher pushing the rounds upwards the exact same as the original, and in saying all that, you could attach a rotary like firing mechanism and make this truely semi automatic other than having to pull the bands back manually each time you reload.
Unfortunately a wider pump would not be able to fit in the body of a 5-layer gun, but I guess it would be possible to just make the body a little thicker. Or the bullets could run through the pump itself, but in that case we would run into problems with the bullet guides and pusher. I have also contemplated making the pump itself the magazine (still a horizontal magazine), with an opening near the rear (closest to the handle) with a ramp pushing one bullet through a hole that is technically &quot;closes&quot; by the body of the gun until the pump is pulled back, at which this hole in the magazine matches up with a &quot;hole&quot; in the body of the gun which would lead directly to the barrel, or maybe another transfer mechanism. However this too changes the mechanism to the point where I wouldn't really call it the Kinetic Rifle any more, but it would be very effective.<br> <br> By incorporating the magazine into the front of the gun as we discussed, we would open up a lot of room in the back of the gun, allowing us to get rid of the stock, as well as open up room for more advanced trigger systems, like a ratchet system that would allow for quicker reloading. However this still wouldn't really be semi-automatic, as you would still have to pump the gun each time to load the bullet. If you are interested in a semi-automatic system of this sort, I would recommend checking out the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Kinno-2-A-Semi-Automatic-Knex-Gun/" rel="nofollow">Kinno-2</a>, as it has both a removable rubber band magazine (sort of like a battery pack) and a removable bullet magazine. &nbsp;It is a very interesting take on a semi-automatic, and also extremely effective, but not nearly as powerful as the Kinetic rifle. &nbsp;If you're feeling up to it, I could maybe draw out some designs of the pump-magazine system I was talking about and you could attempt it?
hmmmmm, i understand what you're talking about when it comes to complications about the how and why the gun is named, but names are simply labels. I'm talking about a whole new gun with an under-barrel concept in mind, i have, at the moment, this concept in mind built, but i have no idea how to or what to do when it comes to building a ratchet system for a &quot;sling rifle&quot; mechanism, so instead i have a standard firing pin/ram rod gun built, with the pump and arms concept build into it, the magazine running under the barrel, and i guess you could say the same &quot;elevator&quot; mechanism you have built into your kinetic rifle here, the only problem i had was finding a suitable &quot;pusher&quot; for the magazine system. <br> <br>i've seen the kinno-2 and it is absolutely amazing, definately one of the most advanced mechanism guns i've seen so far on this site. and the concept you have in mind i understands, it would be like having a magazine physically attached to the underside of the pump, with a receiver hole around the same area as the trigger (or further down the inner barrel), and some kind of elevator/pusher counter-acting the pump of the gun and pushing the round into the receiving section of the barrel, the only problem i see there, is there would be a conflicting physicality between the rear of the pump (or the intended magazine area) and the elevating system or &quot;bolt&quot; system made to receive the round into the &quot;firing chamber&quot; of the gun. The gun itself would have to be rather tall or rather oblong for the mechanism to have some kind of effect, but it is indeed quite plausible when it comes down to things like micro k'nex pieces or possibly even custom pieces of wood or a hard plastic custom made to suite the purposes needed, other than that, the questioned loading mechanism seems impossible unless you want a gun that looks similar to a sky-scraper : / but, after i post my latest ible and the concept i have built currently, i'll see how i can make this possible, worst case scenario, i attempt the same concept and build the gun wider than normal to fit the parts needed.
Hi Kinetic.<br><br>I just finished the gun, and I think it's awesome, but I haven't got it to shoot.<br><br>The main problem occurs at the horizontal mag pusher(s). The two long sticks existing out of green rods and orange connectors that push the bullet into the receiver when pumped. These two sticks are not able to move forward without problems and the reason for that is, that they are blocking against the receiver part. They can't separate and move forward, they actually go to each other is some sort of way so that they can't move the bullet to the receiver.<br><br>So actually, they collide with the middle layer of the gun.<br><br>I don't think I explained it too well, so tell me if you don't understand and I'll take the time to explain even more.<br><br>Greetings, H.
I can make a video if you find my explanation not clear.
I fixed the problem, but now I have a new problem with the lift. I can't get the right balance between the amount of rubberbands on the lift and loading all ammunition into the receiver without pushing the lift forward. When I put too many bands on the lift, it will screw up the internals in the stock, BUT then all the bullets will be loaded into the receiver automatically. When I put too less bands on the lift, the internals won't screw up, but I will have to push the lift forward manually when I shot out 2 bullets.<br><br>I followed the instructions and I have seen your placement of the rubberbands, but if I do it your way everything screws up.<br><br>Please help me.<br><br>Greetings, H.
How did you fix the problem with the horizontal mag pushers as i am facing the same problem,mine also collide with the middle layer. please help as the rest of my gun is working fine thanks, Ben.
That thing is long gone my friend. I am afraid I cannot help you.
To eliminate any problems with the guides, make sure you load all 4 shots before releasing the pusher. The bullets are actually keep the guides separated until they make it around the receiver, which should be after the first bullet is loaded into the barrel (after you pump it one time).
I know I just realized that now thanks. This gun is really powerful.
No problem, I'm glad you like it!
I haven't seen kinetic on this site for awhile. Try contacting him on youtube because he's a little more active there.
I dont know what you mean by &quot;pushing the lift forward&quot;, the only direction it should be able to move is up and down. Just make sure there are enough bands on the lift to bring it up and when you pump it, do it quickly so the bullet doesnt have time to slip up at an angle, which could allow two shots to feed instead of one.
No, that's the receiver what you're talking about.<br><br>Search for step 2 pic 17. That's the lift... Now I see it's called the mag pusher in your I'ble but somewhere else in your I'ble you called it the lift... So I was kinda confused...<br><br>But still thanks, your hint of pumping it quickly is useful.
wish i had that many parts...
nice gun i like it and you should try building a bullpup shotgun like this cause i've been wanna to build a shotgun that is realistic
Im going to be stocking up on knex pieces how many green rods are used for this instructable.
wow......<br>always wanted a slingshot with a mag......<br>ITS AWESOME<br>and i'm glad knex is not dead
Oh cool it got featured xD
Good job!
realy cool <br>
im short on blue clips. i used all mine on the kls. is there any alternative.?<br>
take apart your &quot;kls&quot;
I actually get how this works. Great job!
Outstanding, as usual :-)
nice gun 5 stars
Can someone plz draw a picture in paint or sumthin so i can get an idea or how this gun works. cant build it. :'(
That wouldn't take ages like!
I know nothing about Knex guns, but this one looks markedly different from others I have seen. <br><br>Keep up the good work!
just epic. end of story.
I did try to find how many green rods it uses and i found it in the comments. <br>Around the 1000 I read there. I only have like 850 green rods. from the rest of the pieces i have more then enough. btw still great gun. <br>
Are you sure that you have to use around 1000 green rods cuzz i want to build it. plz reply soon. and your KLS v.2 I made is realy great i modded it a little for longer mag and that it also shoots flat without less elastics. <br>
I cant see picture 26 :s
man this is an itch to build ;) But I love it! this step killed! haha
Awesome 5* I would build but I just don't have the pieces, I am going to build the mini one do you just pull the trigger to fire that one or is there a pump like this one

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