Step 6: Putting it Together

Each number explains each step respectively:

1.  Connect the lower barrel to the upper barrel
2.  Connection points shown here
3.  Connect the upper and lower stock
4.  Connection points shown here
5.  Connection point at handle
6.  Attach a green rod here
7.  Connection points shown.  Pay attention to the connection between the red connector and the piece you just attached the green rod to
8.  Connect the receiver to the rest of the gun
9.  Connection points here
10.  And here (green connector connects between black connectors)
11.  Almost there!
12.  Get these pieces for the band guide
13.  Attach it to the front of the gun as shown
14.  Just need to add the rubber bands!
15.  Attach bands here (number of bands will vary depending on the strength of the band used as the sling.  I used two.)
16.  Another view
17.  Attach these to the lift-one on each side
18.  Attach a band to the pump
19.  Feed band(s) through barrel and over guides and hook on a blue rod.  If you are using a single band you will have to break the barrel to feed it through
20.  Top view

You are now done with the most advanced piece of knex weaponry out there.  Just don't kill anyone please.