The Kinetic Sling Pistol (KIC2 Contest Entry)





Introduction: The Kinetic Sling Pistol (KIC2 Contest Entry)

Hello Iblers!

Kinetic here with my most recent gun, the KSP (Kinetic Sling Pistol).

My second entry in the K'Nex Innovators' Contest, this concept really pushed my limits as both a builder and as a designer, mostly because it is nearly the exact opposite of my building style.  I always have found it easier to build bigger guns because, no matter how complex the design, you almost will always have room to incorporate every necessary mechanism.  This gun was very different.  Because it is a pistol, it needs to be small, and that alone was a new concept for me.  But the fact that it was a sling pistol required some complex mechanisms for it to function (at least, the way I wanted it to), and incorporating those mechanisms in such a small space was quite a challenge.

I consider this the first TRUE sling repeater, because although we have seen those in the past, they either require you to manually pull back the rubber band, or will simply slide the band past the bullet, which requires little ingenuity and does not separate the shot from the rest of the ammo.  This gun utilizes a slide (which also acts as the upper rail, my favorite part of the design), as well as a bullet transfer mechanism that separates the loaded shot from the unloaded shots.  You never have to touch the rubber band, nor does it slide past the bullet.

This was by far the most challenging gun I have ever made, but I think that it will prove a key aspect in my future designs.  Although reliability can be a factor (bullets sometimes jam), I am proud of this gun, and consider it a worthy entry for round two of the K'nex Innovators' Contest.



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    can you make ainstructions ill post a video on youtube and ill give you credits

    Please can you make some instructions, iv'e been trying to make it from the pictures on this webpage but i'm having difficulty seeing the mechanism, I think I may have a possibility for building upon this!


    I love the idea! I think it's the first slide action slingshot?

    Much appreciated man, thanks!

    Well, it had to happen at some point! Great gun.

    oyu deserve a lot more views on your instructables then you are getting you are quite possibly the best knex maker on this sight I like how you think out of the box insted of using the same old ram rod design everyone else uses

    not everyone uses the "same old ram rod design". besides, this wasn't his idea, it was a contest, a challenge. his gun is magnificent and the best in that challenge, but you are quite mistaken, sir.

    That means a lot man, thanks. And yeah I don't think I have ever built a traditional T gun, ever. It just doesn't require any thinking in my opinion.