The Kinetic Slingshotgun (KIC1 Entry)





Introduction: The Kinetic Slingshotgun (KIC1 Entry)

Greetings fellow iblers!

What I have today is something that I have been hard at work on for the past week and a half: the Kinetic Slingshotgun.  Based on Oblivitus' 38F23 concept (seriously man, can you explain your naming process to me?), this gun is capable of launching whatever you can fit in the loading tray at a pretty good velocity.  Now, while I will hand over credit to Oblivitus for the "box-firing" concept, this particular gun has a couple other impressive innovations that I would like to point out.

First and most important of all, it includes a near-perfect version of my "rail-guided pump", which has been seen before on the K-4.  Now, what makes this pump such a big deal, is the fact that the guiding system requires very little space and thus will not interfere with other, more important mechanisms in a gun.  Though not completely necessary for this particular gun to function, I feel that it will play a big part in future pump-actions that will require more complex mechanisms to function.

The second thing I want to point out is the trigger mechanism.  While the directional energy transfers int the sliding trigger may be cool, what is even cooler is the fact that part of the trigger mechanism is actually built into the "box" itself.  This doesn't mean that you pull back the box and the trigger catches it, it means that there is actually a moving part in the box that allows the trigger to function.  There is a pin in the back of the box that, when pulled back, interacts with a ramp (another directional energy transfer), pushing it up, and thus blocking the box from moving forward.  The trigger is, in essence, a hammer that pushes down is pin and sends the box (and ammo) flying on its way.  I feel that this is a good example of how triggers can be more than just a connector that blocks the barrel, and it could play a role in future rail system rifles.

Oh yeah, and there aren't any broken pieces used in this gun.

Yet, despite the cool looks, innovative functions, and hours I spent on it, this gun is not without flaws:

-Because of the nature of the concept, it was very hard to design a mechanism that would lock loaded ammo in place, preventing it from falling out the barrel.  You have to be very careful when carrying around this gun with ammo in the tray not to tip it.

-Due to the weight required to make a solid, structurally sound rail, there is an annoying amount of friction acting between the rail and the box, reducing efficiency.

-Finally, because of my inability to plan ahead, the pin in the box is pushed up instead of down, causing most of the pressure to be concentrated on the weaker part of the box.  Simply rearranging the ramp and the trigger would solve this, but that would just be a pain in the butt, so I might get around to it, or might not xD.

So, as you might have guessed, this is my entry for TD and Oblivitus' "K'nex Innovators' Contest: Round One".  Despite its flaws, I am happy to say that I am very proud of the gun, and I think that will be a crucial building block for future pump actions.



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    Thanks! I hope to use it in a repeating sling rifle in the near future...if I can manage to find the time.

    Just watched the video and i still maintain that you should post this as i'd love to build it :)

    Well, in that case I might. I have a lot to do over the next few days though and I'll have to post it before the next contest starts.

    Awesome dude, thank you. I will probably be the first to build it if you do end up posting it :)

    looks awesome. good job man. you're gonna be the winner. anyway, i decided to not make this, as i really don't like shotguns, and it just seamed as something too unuseful for me to spend time on it. too simple, but too big. if i'd build something like this, i'd have to take my zkar and probably my tdac apart... not for this kind of thing i won't.

    Thanks man.

    Yeah, this was not by any means a fun gun to build, and I definitely put more time into it than I should have lol. But, seeing that I didn't have anything important built at the moment, I decided it wouldn't hurt to give it my best shot.

    seems legit. still working on the K-4? anyway, i just remembered, i tried your concept with the rotating pins that align with a magazine, but i found it would be too hard to build period, if at all possible, and i say that because i found a lot of problems with space for where the rams go that interferes with the other mechs. anyway, even if it's possible, it would be too big, too weak, too long to load and not war worthy. i think there are better ways to make a semi auto. don't know about a full auto, but definitely semi auto. anyway, i had an idea that might be useful. instead of a turret like turning body with rams on it, have a removable horizontal side magazine that you insert into the back of the gun after cocking all the pins on it, and much like your idea, it aligns with the actual vertical magazine and shoots. the idea is to have some revolving mechanism below or above it to load the next ram when the current one has been shot. it may be useful, as i said, but i'm invested into something else at the moment. btw, check out my S2 video. i'll be posting instructions for it in a day or two, so you can look at it deeply then. anyway, good luck with the contest and stuff.