The Kinno-1: K'nex Semi Automatic Rifle (preview)





Introduction: The Kinno-1: K'nex Semi Automatic Rifle (preview)

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Greetings fellow 'iblers.

Kinetic and Innovanna here with a revolutionary new gun that we feel confident in deeming the most powerful semi-automatic K'nex gun in existence: the Kinno-1.

The concept was conceived by a builder named Innovanna over a year ago, and only a month ago I discovered his video on Youtube describing his first attempt at the concept.  Intrigued, I contacted him with some ideas of my own, and about two weeks ago we began using Skype to brainstorm and show each other our ideas.  The Kinno-1 utilizes a removable rubber band magazine that releases each band individually to fling bullets provided by a removable bullet magazine.  The result is an extremely powerful semi automatic sling gun.

Now, the way we approached this, Innovanna and I  began with the same overall layout, but then branched off in our own directions in an effort to experience as many possibilities as we could.  Now that we each have a working gun, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, we would like to give you, the community, a chance to evaluate the strengths of each version so that we can create a final version, using the best of both.

We currently have videos if each gun, but they provide a limited view if their capabilities.  We will provide more in-depth videos very soon so that you can make proper evaluations.  We will also get more pictures up as soon as possible (Innovanna is out adventuring in the wilderness at the moment, and is unable to send me up-to-date pictures of his at this time).

So, without further hesitation, we present to you the Kinno-1

Kinetic's Demo

Innovanna's Demo



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    instructions for this gun:

    Wow that's a tall gun! Also, if u don't mind, check out my semi auto vector and PLZ give me feedback (it is you're choice)

    hey man, i finally got round to taking the pics for my S3, so i can take it apart now and start working on my concept. to simplify what i said before, it's your gun, just instead of the rubber bands slinging bullets, they push forward a pin that cocks itself automatically after each shot by a weak rubber band pulling it backward. then on the front there is an auto chambering mech that will probably be similar to the one on my TDAC. so basically, semi automatic bolt action pin gun. and it will use a mod i made to your power, if that's not obvious. anyway, what i'm getting at is that i have built you version, but couldn't quite figure out the furthest back part of the trigger, the one that connects between the actual trigger and the cog with the blue pins. i tried a few things that didn't work and gave up pretty quickly. instead, i made what i was talking to you about. i made a small ratchet directly on the mag that the trigger only operates by pushing. so you don't have to release anything when you insert it into the gun, and you have direct contact between the ratchet and the band cog, giving you the ability to put more bands on. i haven't tested how many total you can put on, but it works just fine with 8 bands, and i think i can put more on. so yeah, that's a major leap. while innovanna could get 8 on his, his is very roughly built, while your's is clean and smooth and nice, so the way i have it, your's is better now since it matches (possibly passes) the band capacity and looks a lot better. also, i understand you're not going to post your's, correct? if so, i have two questions: first, would you like me to post it instead? second, could you just show me a picture of that part in between the trigger and blue clip cog?

    P.S. i saw it in the pics and thought it was a moderate-normal sized pistol. then i built it. i was wrong. lol it's so much bigger than it looks in the pics. it's practically rifle sized, but looks in the pics like a pistol.

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    That's great to hear, but how do you plan on removing the firing band (that's what I'll call it, the one that flings the pin forward) from the pin after it has been fired? I imagine a simple release mech on the pin itself to accomplish this, but that would take up space and more importantly, it would add an irregular weight to the pin. Another option would be to use a ramp to redirect the firing band after a certain point, so that the weaker band could then pull it back. A semi auto bolt action pin gun...sounds pretty freakin awesome.

    The internal ratchet mech is pretty complex, I wouldn't have expected anyone to figure it out with only externals. It would do more justice to just show you a picture of it, so I'll get one up asap. And incorporating the ratchet on the mag was something that I considered, but I felt that it would take up too much space, and then you have the whole "the entire mech is in the mag" argument to deal with. Innovanna and I had a short conversation over my vacation, and we figured out a major flaw in my mag (so extremely stupid on my part) that limits band capacity. I am going to fix it as soon as I am done responding to all these comments, and we'll see what happens from there. But it should give me a capacity similar to what you and Innovanna are seeing.

    In my honest opinion, I think it would to the concept better if we posted each version individually (or in my gun's case, post your version in my instructable, seeing that very little of the gun is actually different) so that people can see the possibilities that the concept has to offer. And yeah, it really does look like an over-sized pistol, doesn't it? I think that the size is just perfect for a rifle.

    P.S. Not a single "well..." in that whole conversation!

    that's very simple. the back of the ram is a 3-way connector (pointing up, held that way somehow, pretty simple to figure it out, that's no what i'm worried about anyway), so that the band catches on it, and at the end, the band just goes kinda up, like in your's, and stays on the gun, but it doesn't bother the pin, like your's. it does, right (sound great, the specs)? when i thought of adding the auto chambering mech i was like ok... that would be awesomely complex to build and would produce an amazing fun gun to play around with. the thing i'm worried about is that the bands won't be strong enough to fire the bullets any decent range. if you think about it, it would have a lot of things slowing it down- a heavy pin (relatively to the rubber band itself, the pin is very heavy), a barrel (=friction), a heavy bullet, and a bullet stop pulled by a rubber band that is holding the bullet from moving. a small band has to move all that at a very high speed to get any range, and the band also has quite a short distance to do so. i might have to drop the chambering mech, and just make it with my SSM or something.

    god i always forget to answer the rest of the comment...

    first, i would have never figured that out, true. about putting it in the mag, that's not what i meant. i meant slimming down the mech in general, and then having the ability to put it on the mag. my mechanism works awesomely, and all i've added on the mag is 1 (heavily) modified 3-way connector. it's true that most of the mech is in the mag, but the difference is that it is still small (mine, anyway), and it needs the bullet magazine, which i think is just stupid to incorporate with the band magazine because it would make it very hard to load both, taking way more time, as well as it would be hard to put it into the gun, taking even more time. also, the thing about this gun that differs it from any other semi auto slingshot type gun is the mech being small and in a removable magazine. so who cares if you get the trigger ratchet on there too? my magazine is sooo awesome. i just load bands very easily, and it keeps from turning by itself (because of the ratchet, obviously), and then you just put it right into the gun. no pulling back the mag release (it's also easier to put it in than your's, because i changed the tan clips to 1 slots to it can go in easier because of the round edges), and no releasing anything else once it's in. just put it right in very smoothly. i'll make a video sometime.

    my trigger mech (on the gun) is just a sliding trigger pushing a few things that eventually just push the ratchet part of the magazine, releasing one shot. the magazine can also release one shot on it's own, out of the gun, by doing the same simple pushing that the trigger does with you finger.

    lol no "wells".

    Yeah, the idea sounds cool, but in practice I think it will be much harder to accomplish because of all the factors weighing against it (mostly friction). And I would love to see what you did with mine just so I can get a better understanding of what your exact layout looks like. Pics would be greatly appreciated! And yeah, I think that we have given up the whole "two mags in one" idea.

    And yeah, I knew what you meant with the trigger mech simply activating the mech on the mag, but I just think that any escapement ratchet would take up too much space, which is why I want to see yours.

    And guess what???
    I implemented that easy fix I was talking about to my mag and BOOM! Eight shots baby! Maybe more, I'm just concerned with the bands snapping if wound too much. I think that I am going to post mine now that I have doubled its capacity, but first I need to figure out a better bullet mag (the current one is crap, as you may have noticed). I also want to make the ratchet on the band mag auto-releasing, but that isn't really a priority.

    Yeah it might not be possible with a band mag, and I might just have to do it with a stable ratchet... Bummer. I'm glad anyway that you gave that up, it seemed useless to me from the start, and I think I told you before too.

    I will make a video and pics in one of the three following days.

    I would like to see that, it sounds awesome. The bullet mag is actually pretty good, I mean it fits perfectly, it's very comfortable to cock and undock, it's very small and works well. If you want I can try to implement my magazine from my S3 on here. It won't have so many broken parts like mine, because I'm think of attaching completely differently. I'll let you know if it's good. I think I can make it real good actually. With what you have I'm not sure it's possible to have an auto release... Good luck anyway.

    The band mag release now locks firmly in the gun, and I have come up with a very impressive bullet mag. Instructions will be out tomorrow-the day before I head off to college! Lol. But I would like to see your mag on it as well. Also, I am looking forward to that video.

    i'll look forward to that, and i think i'm gonna make my video today, as well as another video for another project i have. do you mind if i make a video 'ible for my modded kinno-K? btw, instead of that mag, i'm gonna make a mag for the longer bullets like in my SSM (SABR, M17S, REMPAR), because they would get more range, and they could have a rail on the barrel. i had a convo with innovanna about the accuracy and implementing rails, and i tried it, and found out the same thing he told me you found out. i think it happens because the grey con bullet is too short, and is short enough to move aside into the gaps between rails, with the help of the nature of the slingshot, causing it to want to move to the side, and that's why it loses all it's speed. if you make a longer bullet, that would always be in contact with the rails, it would be much better, much more accurate, and the higher caliber bullet is also better for range and what-not. so i'll see if i can make an internal pusher mag for the bullet type, add it to the gun, add rails, see how well it goes, and if it works i'll make a video. if not, i'll reverse everything and just make a video of my custom mechanism, maybe with my S3 magazine on it.

    Here's internals of the trigger. These were taken from a second gun I built that was designed to use the alternating fly wheel mech which is now obsolete. The trigger is exactly the same, but the internal layout has been inverted to accommodate two fly wheels and two trigger mechs.

    And the pictures uploaded out of order, and it wont let me change it, but I think you'll follow.


    Lol, in your video you it the coke can and it exploded. Anyways, I would definitely like to see your version posted because it looks cleaner, but kudos to Innovanna for the awesome idea.

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    Haha yeah that was kind of a double edged sword. I was stoked to be able to put that in the video but it was a pain in the ass to clean up. In the vid I even kind of stop and stare for a was kind of bizarre lol.

    Me and Innovanna were talking and we figured out a major flaw (majorly stupid, on my part) that limits he band capacity on my gun. I may just fix it and post my version as well, but I don't want to steal any of Innovanna's thunder.

    thanks. his video is way better. but he is kinetic, he can make anything look good with knex. haha. mine just gets more shots, thats all

    Forget an alternating mech! And modified pieces! Give me 2 more days and i will have the easiest semi auto ever!

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    i don't know what exactly you meant, but 4 days have past since that statement, and nothing new seems to show...

    Did u not read the comment above that one? And i am literally right now working on a temporary video for the people that have been waiting.i have made some improvemets to the gun. More and more things keep popping up. Just be patient.

    i didn't notice, never mind i found it on my own

    Sorry guys for the late posting. Ive been more busier than i thought. BUT i have made the gun SSOOOOOOOO much easier to load and fire. Look for it by this weekend or earlier next week. Thanks!