The Knex Handcuffs




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Introduction: The Knex Handcuffs

Well all i can say it amazing that im back and bringing a new instructable and it very easy to build
and i also have a piece list yes yes yes

Step 1: Piece List

ok I might have this right

dark grey knex = 8x
orange knex = 4x
red knex = 14x
green knex = 24x
yellow knex = 4x
tan clip = 2x
green rod = 32x
white rod = 19x
blue rod =6x

Step 2: First Making the Handcuffs

ok follow the steps i dont know what much to say lmao :)

Step 3: Next the Base Pieces

like i sayed in last step just follow the steps lmao :)

Step 4: Next Step the Holding Base

Like on the other two steps just follow the pictures lolz



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     i made it  and i didnt like it so i just re built it and now it has a locking mec and it opens on a hing

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    Can you please post the image again?

    I can´t see it now.

    I just bang the on something until they break apart.

    haha that is very funny

    hey well how you get out off them is quite simple really the to bit of the handcuffs are a lock you simple remove that put hands in and then put the piece back on :) thanks for all the comments new things will be coming soon :D

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    What do you mean by the "two bits"?

    cant wait 2 use these on my lil bro

    Locked my Cat in them.

    hay it looks like he copyed you!!!!!!!! LOL : )