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Introduction: The Knex Snapper

This small yet powerful gun for its size is small enough to fit into your pocket! It uses minimal pieces and provides a nice *snap* sound when fired. This is my first instructable ever so please try to keep the comments on the nice side. This gun shoots about 30ft. Feel free to mod it and add things but please give me credit if you make an instructable!


Step 1: Pieces List

Here is a list of the pieces you will need- I found them al in a value tube at target for $20


4 Yellow Rods
3 White Rods
4 Green Rods


2 Orange Connectors
2 Yellow Half-Moon Connectors
2 Red Connectors
6 Light-gray Connectors
8 Dark-gray Connectors (I ran out of the dark-grey colored ones so I used purple connectors. Same thing, different color.)


2 "Y" connectors

33 Pieces in total

Step 2: The Handle

Now to construct the handle

Step 3: The Barrel

Now we will build the main part of the gun. The Barrel!

Step 4: The Ram

This is the easiest step

Step 5: Put It All Together

Follow the pictures

Step 6: Rubber Bands

For this gun I used 2 #33 Rubber bands. Follow the pictures

Step 7: Having Problems?

As I finished this design, i noticed if you point the gun down with a bullet in, the bullet will fall out. Here is my solution.



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    It's good for close combat.

    this just falls apart but if you use a weak band it dosint and it still goes quite far

    good one

    :-( :-( ok, for starters: 1. this gun is not powerful unless you put over 15 rubberbands on the firing pin. 2. this gun is really simple 3. it is a basic block trigger 4. it stinks.

    11 replies

    We must think alike or something I just said stuff like that in my comment. =:D=

    I am truly sick of block trigger complaints.

    be nice people. this is a basic gun. its well made, and its a good ible. just because it cant kill small animals or break bottles doesnt mean its a valid gun.


    Well That's your opinion isn't it?

    That's cruel.

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