The Knex Tech Deck Store (Double)





Introduction: The Knex Tech Deck Store (Double)

About: Hey, I'm Ruben. I'm 20 years old, now i have a career as Store/Cutter Fabrics. My intrest are still the same as 10 years ago, still bussy in disigning and enditing of sounds en video's. I hope you will enj...

Hey have made in 5Min a Single Tech deck Store. Its easy to make.
Its will take 5 - 10 Min to make it!

Enjoy Storing!

Ruben Vandamme

(Update: New Photo's)

Step 1: Create the Deck

Easy deck

2 yelow Rods
2 Green Rods
2 Yellow Connectors

Step 2: Making the Store (Part 1)

Making the Store.

6 Yelow Connectors
4 White Rods
2 Bleu Rods
4 Yelow Rods

Step 3: Creating the Store (Part 2)

Make this 6X

Step 4: Finishing

Ad The (Part 2) One The Yellow Connectors
Ad The dock to the blue rods

Your Finished!



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    33 Discussions

    Wish I has knex lol :P

    works out great i made a bit bigger tho and im gonna make a quater pipe on the back

    can you make a photo of it and send it to me? its so cool my first Instructable and so many success.

    i dont have a camera it is broken and i modified it to make ti bigger so more boards can be on it ill try to post apicture.

    it is awesome you can save money istead of buying the actual thing but i might buy it it looks cool