Picture of The K'nex Throwing Star
Hello , and welcome back again for my second instructable, the K'nex Throwing Star. This one's much more easier than my last one,(In my opinion, though) so I hope you have fun with this one!!

         Although it can go a long distance, this  does commonly bounce off things, so be careful!
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Step 1: Body

Picture of Body
Create this

Step 2: You're done!

Picture of You're done!
Now that you're done, you now can make these variations above!

Step 3: Spikes

Picture of Spikes
Simply add a dark green rod to the edges and you're done with this!
apples!!!!!3 years ago
BuhBomb (author)  apples!!!!!3 years ago
It's not a throwing star, first off...
BuhBomb (author)  apples!!!!!3 years ago
Then call it anything you want.
It's not something with a name, it's just...a small blob.
BuhBomb (author)  apples!!!!!3 years ago
Then what do you call this!?
I call that a cog.
I call this a throwing star:

Lol. How about this?
BuhBomb (author)  apples!!!!!3 years ago
This is fun.
BuhBomb (author)  TheFoofinator3 years ago
BuhBomb (author)  apples!!!!!3 years ago
BuhBomb (author) 3 years ago
Who votes I delete this?
Sorry, but this isn't a good throwing star. And for future reference put a finished picture up first.
BuhBomb (author)  Killer~SafeCracker3 years ago
But I like parts first..............but I'll take your advice
WTF this it just a hunk of knex put together.
BuhBomb (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t3 years ago
Either it's me or you that did something wrong.
~KGB~3 years ago