The Kne'x Catapult



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Introduction: The Kne'x Catapult

this is my knex catapult for the launch it competition when you first build it it needs some fine toning but it is a great catapult otherwise.

Step 1: Materials

1 grey rod
2 large wheels
6 blue rods
one very large rubberband 
12 red rods
7 yellow rods 
11 white rods
2 orange conectors
6 red connectors
8 purple connectors
8 blue connectors
8 green conectors
3 yellow connectors
6 white connectors
3 grey connectors
one small ruberband
one red conector

Step 2: The Lower Body

Step 3: Appendages

these are adjustable for the most part

Step 4: The Upper Body

after you are done with this part stack the two parts of the body 

Step 5: Ammo

tie the small rubber band through the hole of the red connector and tie it around its self so that it may hook on



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    please vote on this

    yes its alright, but it's quite basic, but there are too many guns bieng built, we need to build other things, different things, so this is quite good.

    2 replies

    and thanks for the gun help too

    if you have a specific question than post it please

    Why don't you like it that's all i'm asking

    its too basic...

    so it's my first Knex
    is there any real problem with distance or anything

    ok, what do you mean?

    like it tips over when you fire, it of it doesn't go far, it falls apart, the instructions are hard to follow something like that.

    lol, dont build catapults, make guns.....

    if you could explain to me how a gun works i would be grateful

    The other guy worded it strangely. Two basics, ram and slingshot. Ram guns hold a pin back and then release them so they strike a round and send them flying; the same concept as kicking a ball. Slingshots are exactly what they sound like- a round attached to a rubber band and pulled back, then released so it flies through the air, like what you would see with an actual slingshot. There are more complicated mechanisms and multiple ways to achieve each of these purposes, but start simple(maybe not TOO simple...) and work your way up. Also, you don't have to build ONLY guns. There are bows, cannons amongst other things, and catapults are also nice because they are a bit more creative than most guns. Don't listen to people who tell you to only build guns and maybe a cannon or two, because creativity is more important here. We've got more than our load of guns, both mediocre and not on this site. Just do what you do best and have fun in the process.

    Thank you very much for the help and constructive comments
    really thanks

    There are two types of k'nex guns, rods, and no rods. My k'nex is a manual gun and doesnt have a rod to power it. Knex gun builder's pocket pistol is a rod gun and requires a rod to push another rod (2nd rod is ammo). No rod requires you to keep reloading the elastic band. If you need any more help then you should look at how the mechanism of the guns work :)

    look at my pocket pistol for begginers...

    That's not necessarily the problem, you know...