The Knex Mp5 With a Realistic Magazine





Introduction: The Knex Mp5 With a Realistic Magazine

About: i am a knex gun builder

This gun has good power and accuracy, great looks and a working curved mag for green rods, also a true trigger. enjoy!. (this is my 2nd gun)

Step 1: The Curved Magazine


Step 2: The Handle


Step 3: The Trigger


Step 4: Barrel Extension


Step 5: Barrel and Stock


Step 6: Putting It Together

connect together

Step 7: Loading and Firing

Stretch that rubber band over the bottom of the gun and onto the firingpin, optional:put a yellow connector through the hole of of the firing pin to pull back easier, press the trigger and enjoy, also, to load the mag, take it off and FROM THE TOP put green rods in, about 10, then put the mag pusher and rubber bands into the mag. Enjoy, comment and rate!



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    looks nothin like an mp5 and the realistic magazine u brag about dosent even hold the bullets let alone the 1 that fires. that brings me to my next point--- it isnt multi shot it is mor of an ugly pistol with a too far back fore grip

    no offence but that mag isn't realistic and the gun looks quite unrealistic

    0.5* Did you need, To spam up Instructables with guns like this?
    I mean really this gun is nothing new, It has no worth at all. No new concepts. It doesn't shoot far. It doesn't have a high ROF.

    I just thought I Should Inform you. 

    3 replies

    YOU ARE PATHETIC (just thought i would say)!!! this is what we need..... because there are alot of beginners..... i remember when i started it sucked cuz it was all to much work and i couldn't focus!!! dont be so negative, not that i would build this :(

    awesome gun for starters..... and not so much for guys like AXIYS ^^^^^^^

    in my eyes : it sucks, BUT i give it 4 stars.
    youl be thinking like WHY?? ill tell you

    not every gun has to be freaking amazing, costing 10000000000000 pieces

    if your a beginner wif a low amount of knex, this will be the kind of guns youl be making

    small, not mutch knex costing guns what looks great, wif a low piece count!

    its a mp5 a5 i think so it has the same stock as the ak74u but the mp5 a5 has a straight open stock, the ak74u has it hanging down a bit

    the full name for an AK- 47/ AK-74U is Kalishnikov AK
    its a russian gun one of the most common and most powerful russian weapons

    2 replies

    The AK-47 is an Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 model.
    An AKS-74U is an Avtomat Kalashnikova Skladnoy 1974 model Ukortochenniy.

    more detail is needed in the barrel and stock