In this instructable I am going to show you how to make an efficient storage solution for your knives and other culinary tools.  I am a professional chef for a living, and bringing your own tools to work is the name of the game, especially when you are a caterer; part of being a caterer is going to all different places to cook i.e. inside office buildings, peoples homes, parks, etc.  so being able to have a little mobile kitchen box is the best possible answer.  This setup would also work amazingly for anyone who is a culinary student, or anyone who is an avid cook that want to there knives to be safe and protected. 

Step 1: The Box

 The box that I used is an aluminum tool case from harbor freight.  I bought it for 25 dollars, it comes full of dividers and foam inserts, you can lose the dividers but save the foam.  also the shoulder strap is optional (I don't use mine). also you can order one right here

Lets take it to the CBD!!!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> ( Melbourne Joke)
<p>Ha Ha!</p><p>Yeah Lets!</p>
This is such a great idea! I'm sure all of the <a href="http://www.allbeefcatering.com/en/" rel="nofollow">caterers in Calgary</a> would love to have a knife box like this!
That's actually a pretty cool idea, I might have to try that out. I've been thinking about doing <a href="http://www.chefreni.com" rel="nofollow">catering in Fort Lauderdale</a>. I just think it would be a really fun job to have. Plus I'm pretty good at cooking so I think I would do well.
What an awesome suitcase! You'd never think about doing that for cooking stuff. I love cooking and I'm going to college soon, so I was originally looking to but some <a href="http://www.campusstorage.com" rel="nofollow">student storage</a>, but after seeing this, I might just change my plans!
This will certainly make great <a href="http://campusstorage.net" rel="nofollow">student storage</a>! I know there isn't much room for things in a tiny dorm, so this would be perfect! It can just slide right under the bed!
Looks bad ass! I wanted to know the total weight with all your tools. I'm going to build this and wanted to know because I take the train to culinary school everyday. There is also a theft problem, peoples knives and other tools seam to vanish out of peoples kits while heads are turned. So I wanted to know if the locks are decent. Thank you!!
Nice Idea these cases are found at around &pound;30 and even less from a boot sale or from ebay ..Great result for little work ..Most knife cases or wraps are kinda expensive ...Nice One
Great collection. I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with knife perfection. The G.I. can opener brought me back. I used to carry one on my key chain as a kid. What kind of kid does that? Is food-nerd a term? If you can fit a cleaver in there, might I suggest the Kiwi line. Great inexpensive knives.<br />
i wanna thank you while we were in the process of moving out of state my brothers knifes were stolen from our house.<br /> <br /> something like this would be a great way to help him start rebuilding his kit <br />
Nice I'ble! I'd like to do something like that with my knives instead of just dumping them in a drawer.<br /> I&nbsp;would add an ulu to the set. It's a quarter circle, single ground Alaskan skinning knife with the handle&nbsp;at the center of the circle.&nbsp;Ergonomic and fun to use for chopping, mincing, and slicing.
&nbsp;yea the ulu is a pretty cool knife similar to the mezzaluna knife that typically comes with a cutting board in the shape of a bowl<br /> <br /> also yes an egg topper takes the top off of the egg, so that the egg can then be used as a serving vessel.<br />
what's an egg topper do?<br /> does it cut off the top of an egg?<br /> if so, why?<br />
Wow, this is awesome and thorough!&nbsp; Thanks for sharing your kit.<br /> I'm putting together a wish list from the contents of your knife box. ;)<br />
FIRST&nbsp;AID&nbsp;KIT - I went to the dollar store and got a neat metal latchable box (about 4 x4 x2), and always keep aspirin, band aids (only the coolest looking ones though), finger condoms, nail clippers, and super glue.
I am going to comment everyewhere hahaha :)<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;have the Shun as well, but I took the 10&quot;. My chef knife I prefer to be a little longer; works great for slicing, and there's been times where an 8&quot; just wouldn't cut it (skinning large fish for example).<br /> <br /> My Santoku is a pretty sweet budget folded steel knife. Calphalone, a store brand, with VG-1 steel, 7&quot;. Wicked knife for the price
I myself prefer a toolbox with a removeable upper tray. All my knives get snap on type guards, and it's pretty easy to organize everything inside. Lockable, sturdy, and makes me relive my days working on cars :)
Oh, and also the fact I&nbsp;can plaster all sorts of cheese stickers from all the various cheeses I've had the pleasure of tasting&nbsp; all over it :)

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