Step 12: Other tools to complete your setup

Here are some of the other things that make the box of culinary wonder complete. I find myself using these items on a daily basis.

Bowl scraper 
Vegetable peeler: I have three you only need one
A couple of small offset spatulas, I use them for everything from spreading chocolate to cool, to lifting and placing small things.
kitchen shears, great for cutting twine or trimming chives
citrus reamer
small whisk-indispensable 
egg topper, odds are you don't need one of these
small can opener, you definitely need one
instant read thermometer, one of the most important tools in the box
honing steel
measuring spoons, I found some that fold up
Small pliers for pulling pin bones from fish fillets
infared thermometer, i use this for pulled sugar, melting chocolate, etc
kitchen timer
Wine key
Box cutter , for you guessed it ...opening boxes
a couple of small mandolins one the slices one that shreds
microplane grater
and last but not least a smal cutting board

heheheha5 years ago
FIRST AID KIT - I went to the dollar store and got a neat metal latchable box (about 4 x4 x2), and always keep aspirin, band aids (only the coolest looking ones though), finger condoms, nail clippers, and super glue.