Step 10: Fit?

Install the Disc/Hex drive onto your RC and install the wheel over it. Again you may have to try a few positions for the parts and the HEX to fit. 

Before powering up and running your RC spin the wheel by hand to make sure nothing is rubbing or touching. If it spin freely then Power it up by flicking the switch and give her a spin to see the effect. Once tested and everything seems fine try it with the Remote. 

Remember This instructable is  for one disc. You need to make four in all.

Additional Information
at no time during construction should the 2 sides of the batteries touch. Not only will they get hot but they will drain very quickly leaving you with a dead cell. Also keeping the battery in your hand or between fingers can drain it as well. If you have any, use common sense. If you don't then maybe you shouldn't be toying around with hot irons. the idea here is to have fun and save TONS of money.

awesome instructable, easy &amp; well explained, my question is can this be done without batteries ? i.e replace them with capacitors in some way... <br>thanx !
While Caps would be cool they would require some sort of power generation like coils and magnets. This would significant;y ad to the unsprung weight on any RC car and change the handling.
Thanx for ur reply; actually I'm thinking about up-scaling your idea and putting it on the wheel of a real car... but you're rite the main problem is maintaining the wheel balance, that needs to be figured out...
There are already some for full scale cars. Even some that can display images. Also some leds that you can install on your valve stem that flashes.
thanx again for ur reply; <br>yes I'm aware of all those products, but they all use batteries (battery packs or the Car battery itself) &amp; the valve stem thingys would get stolen in a minute in the neighborhood that I live in...Lolz ! <br> <br>actually the shake flashlight schematic completely satisfies my requirements, when the car stops the induction stops coz of no movement &amp; a small capacitor would discharge within a minute &amp; automatically turn off the LED but when the car is in motion again the LED would light up, this way I don't need a on/off switch or batteries... <br> <br>the only problem that I need to solve is the wheel balance... <br>:)

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