Introduction: The LEDPOD Dimmer

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This is the dimmer I built and soldered on a blank proto-type PCB for my LEDPOD project (If you haven't seen it, You probably won't understand what this is for).

It works on: 3 resistor modes, Off,and On.

The switch you see in the second picture is from a fan I took apart.

The resistors I used:

  1. 10 ohm
  2. 27 ohm
  3. 80 ohm


fretz4582 (author)2015-08-17

This has a way better chance of winning than my music pillow good luck

Yonatan24 (author)fretz45822015-08-18

Thank You for your support!!
This actually isn't one of the projects I've made that I think will win...

But I don't know :)

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