Introduction: The Lag Switch

Yes how low can a online gamer go? Well here is the answer to a question that has long dominated the world of online gaming  "why is my connection so slow?" The answer is either your computer cant handle the game or someone is using one of theses suckers...a lag switch. the ible is all about creating your own so you too can also annoy the hell out of your fellow gamers.

Step 1: Materials

Materials are few in this project. Please note the amount of each item is in the [ ].

- Cat5e Cable (internet cord) [1]
- Switch, any toggle kind. [1]
- Soldering Iron and Solder.
- Extra wire.
- Case. [Optional]

Step 2: "Hack" the Cat5e Cable

Carefully open the plastic casing on the Cat5e cable to reveal the inner wires. Be sure NOT to cut any of them other wise this project will not work. Find the SOLID ORANGE wire and separate it from the rest. then when you have enough space cut it in two and strip the wires.

Step 3: Solder on the Switch

Now grab your switch and solder the split orange wire to the switch points as shown in the diagram below.

Step 4: What It Should Look Like So Far...

Kind of a pointless step I know but below is a picture of what your Lag Switch should look like so far.

Step 5: Completion

Congratulations you are done! to use the Lag Switch is quite simple... start an online match, when the game starts or if your being attacked flick the switch into the off position and voila your team and opponents connection will slow or stop completely while you run around killing anyone you please! Finish off your lag switch by sticking it in a case or if your eager to get some well deserved revenge plug one end of the cable to your console and the other to your nearest internet jack and start making those online jerks cry their hearts out! Just a word of warning (I bet you weren't expecting this!), manipulation of the network is frowned apoun by the online community and could get you banned or have your online membership suspended, so please use the Lag Switch appropriately and only when necessary; thanks.


Logixal made it!(author)2017-01-24

This doesn't work anymore

Attaboy123 made it!(author)2016-04-24

Every time i turn off the switch to try it, it kicks me offline

TXTCLA55 made it!(author)2016-04-25

Hello, this instructable is 6 years old, I even forgot I authored it (lol). I'm fairly certain this no longer works as the net code for consoles has been vastly upgraded since.

zmgreen8 made it!(author)2010-09-08

I used an ordinary on off button and connected it to the solid orange wire but when I turned the button it completely lagged me out of the game

Psycosisnine made it!(author)2010-09-08

thats because the buttons are normally push on ... it needs to be push off

Attaboy123 made it!(author)2016-04-24

What do u mean push cause i have a flip on and off switch

zmgreen8 made it!(author)2010-10-03

Ok thanks

TXTCLA55 made it!(author)2010-09-09

Psycosisnine is correct the button needs to be in the on position all the time then when you want to lag flick it off. That is the reason I suggest using a toggle switch.

frostynugz420 made it!(author)2012-11-04

does it make a diffent if a light is on the switch

claudeb2 made it!(author)2015-08-08

The light will have is own prong, if it's not used it won't matter.

TXTCLA55 made it!(author)2012-11-04

I'd say it might. considering that this is a data line were turning off and on there is a good possibility that a LED might disrupt the data flowing through it. In my own opinion I wouldn't try it. If you do try it, let me know if it works well.

Hope this helps

frostynugz420 made it!(author)2012-11-10

well so far i havent power the light but its working fine without it. thanks alot

Depromaic made it!(author)2015-05-22

Okay, so I watched a video on YouTube of how to make a lagswitch by Household hacker. I did everything it told me to do and then when I try signing in it disconnected me and I can't sign in with it on. Does anyone know how to fix this?

muskie141 made it!(author)2015-05-30

Make sure the switch is on the "on" position when you sign iN. To use it during a game flip the switch to an off position.

rocketfire4 made it!(author)2013-12-09

Do you have to be a host to use this?

Xiiren made it!(author)2013-03-25

Do these still work? I built one years ago for my younger brother, I think he used it while playing Socom. Fun memory.

cadams21 made it!(author)2012-09-09

Who ever doesn't have this part for there gaming PC is a fool i might add a lock to it to make sure i don't hit it by accident or use it all the time a lock will remind me to be mindful and think before i hit it because of a noob.

HoldOnTight made it!(author)2011-05-09

Cheating in a game? I love it! :))

radame made it!(author)2011-04-30

do we need to plug it into a computer?

TXTCLA55 made it!(author)2011-05-01


Xbox/PS3>Lag Switch Assembly>Router>Modem

Zillionair1 made it!(author)2010-08-21

Householdhacker already did this on youtube.

TXTCLA55 made it!(author)2010-08-23

How do you know I am not Householdhacker?....just kidding I am not, but I was sure tom ask premission from him before publishing this ible.

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