Picture of The Lake
This was a gift I made for my parents anniversary.  It was created from photographs that I took at their house.  I layered laser cut 1/4" oak plywood panels; 1. raster image with heron glued to it. 2. spacer panel. 3. vector cut trees and heron. 4. spacer panel. 5. vector cut cattails and grass. 6. spacer panel.

I then glued together.  Once dry, I lightly sanded the outer edges and top, then sprayed on a few coats of water soluble sealer.  I attached loop hooks on both sides on the back edge for hanging, the same distance from the top.  I added a custom raster message on the back of the art piece as finalize the piece.

Wonderful work!

Konrad B5 months ago

Well, I'm going to need to ask for help (yet again). when I download the above file "heron picture layered.ai" ,all I get is a partial of the background. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I was able to download all of the pieces before, as you can see from my comment earlier last year, but now when I try this is all I get.

Thank you being patient with me, I apperciate your help.

Screenshot (1).png
gkrisanda made it!5 months ago
Thanks so much can't wait to design my own for the next project. Came out great

wow, that turned out great! I'll be working on one today, thanks for sharing.

Konrad B10 months ago

This just what I was looking for, for a friend, but when I sent it to Corel,I cant select any of the pieces to send to the laser. I'm quite new to to Corel and would greatly appreciate any help.

Screenshot (14).png

Works fine for me on corel. Select the objects, click arrange and ungroup. Then you can send the pieces to the laser in their layers

I should have replied to you before now, but I'm just now getting back to doing this project. Thank you for you advice, I've since gotten a little better with Corel. I'll send pics!

TheComedyHen8 months ago

What a nice person you are :)

general_rookie (author) 4 years ago
I would have, but i forgot to take photos while making it. Did you download the AI file I included? It has everything you need to make your own!
austin4 years ago
thats pretty cool, you should do a step by step view with the various layers laid out