The Lamp of the Paper Cups





Introduction: The Lamp of the Paper Cups

Hello everybody!

I want to show you how you can make a lamp or chandelier from paper cups

The construction is really simple. It is based on the shape of dodecahedron. It comprises 12 faces of pentagons. In this case, they are the rims of paper cups that are shaped by you through cutting and folding.

Step 1: Features and Make Cuts on Cups

Tools that we need

1.Paper cups




5.Meltor glue

Measure the circumference of the cup and the number is divisible by 5

Draw a dashes and it makes an incision with scissors at 1 centimeter from the tip of a paper cup

Step 2: Prepare Cups

Bend cuts that we have done with scissors

We prepare all the paper cups (12 pieces)

Step 3: We Paste Glue

We paste the cup to each other

Until a ready figure in the shape of a dodecahedron

Step 4: The Final Stage

The final touch is put into the design of a light bulb

Next time, you will probably think twice before you are about to throw a paper cup away.

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I wish you good mood and creative inspiration



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    Great job, you should enter it in the "trash to treasure" contest :)

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    has madeit in the "trash to treasure" many thanks for the tip

    Super what an idea its very simple


    good job... simply awesome

    Yay upcycling! I love this.