The Last Tart


Introduction: The Last Tart

This post is to show that your imagination can build anything. The "face" of the Cheshire Cat I have had for many years waiting for the right project. This is for a competition at the San Diego county fair where the theme is around Alice in Wonderland. There's the white rabbit's heart cape for legs, the Last Tart which is the knot figure in the middle of the desk top, the Cheshire Cat face in the center section, and the mad hatters hat on top. Bust out of the box and imagine anything. Then build it!




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    Whoa, this is cool! I'm especially impressed with the hat/top part. How did you make that?

    If you had any photos from the build, those would be great to add to a step or two to show off the processes you used. I would love to see how you made this! :)