The Leg Lamp From a Christmas Story





Introduction: The Leg Lamp From a Christmas Story

I've always wanted the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Recently I was able to find all the pieces and make my own.

Here's what you'll need: I have direct links to the products I used if you go to the YouTube video I've attached

Mannequin Leg

Pair of black high heeled shoes (Size 6 if you use the same leg I did)

Lamp Kit

Gold Lamp Shade

Black Fringe Fabric

Fishnet Stockings

Step 1: Size and Cut to the Foot to Fit the Shoe

The shoe was the right size but the angle of the foot wasn't quite right so I had to cut it. There's a weight inside and I tried using a hacksaw and my bandsaw to cut through it. Neither seemed to be working very well so I cut away enough plastic to remove the weight entirely. This turned out to be a good thing later because then I didn't need to drill through it to run the wires.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Base and Positioning the Shoe

I used a compass to draw a circle a little bigger than the shoe and then I used my jigsaw to cut it out. I shaped it and cleaned it up on the bandsaw. Then drilled pilot holes for the screws that would hold the shoe in place. I screwed the shoe to the base so I could drill a larger hole through the show and the base to run the wires.

Step 3: Finishing the Base

I used my router to make a grove in the bottom of the base to run the wire. Then I used a round over bit to soften the top edge of the base. I would suggest rounding over the edge first because the guide in my router bit dipped into the hole and took a notch out of the top of the base.

After I got the shape right I finished it with a few coats of spray lacquer.

Step 4: Preparing the Mount for the Lamp Kit

I cut out a piece of clear acrylic sheet to fit over the opening of the leg. This is what I attached the lamp kit to. I placed the acrylic piece over the opening of the leg and marked a good place to drill the mounting holes. I drilled the holes and then used the holes to mark where I needed to drill through the top of the leg. After drilling the holes in the top of the leg I found the mounting piece for the lamp kit and drilled an appropriate size hole in the middle of the acrylic piece.

Step 5: Attaching the Shoe and the Leg

I predrilled some screws into the holes that I made in the shoe earlier and then attached it to the base. I sanded the rough edges on the bottom of the foot so it wouldn't rip the stocking and then I put the stockings on the leg. I snipped a small hole in the bottom of the stockings so I could run the wire.

Step 6: Running and Attaching the Wires for the Lamp Kit

I ran the wire through the base, up the leg and through the mounting assembly. Then I tied a loop in the wire so it wouldn't fall through while I was wiring it up and also to kick it from coming out if the cord gets pulled. I connected the wires according to the manufacturers instructions and finished assembling the socket.

Step 7: Finishing the Lamp

I used super glue to attach the black fringe to the inside, bottom lip of the lamp shade. Then I installed the bulb and the lamp was complete.



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nice, my father in law would love this. any chance you can provide links to get the right items?

If you click the video at the beginning of the instructable I have links in the description. I wasn't sure if direct links were allowed on instructables.