The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Goddess Chest

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Picture of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Goddess Chest

Some background info:

I had found a Skyward Sword heart container necklace to give to a friend (, but I wanted to present it in the most elaborate way possible.

So, to make it true to the game, I made the Goddess Chest (oh and the Goddess cube is the gift box). The chest even plays the chest opening tune as you open it.

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Step 1: Modelling the chest - Part 1

Picture of Modelling the chest - Part 1
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.09.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.08.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.09.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.17.56 PM.png
My method of modelling things in 3D is as follows:

I first outline the object in Adobe Illustrator. I prefer Illustrator over the outline capabilities of 3D modelling tools.
I then export it as an AutoCAD drawing, which allows me to import the vector graphic into SolidWorks.
I then perform the necessary 3D manipulations in SolidWorks.

It is during outlining that I plan the 3D manipulations. One needs to be mindful of the types of vectors needed to perform certain manipulations. It is also during the outlining phase that I plan all the pieces I need. The chest top, bottom, legs, and in inner top lining to house the electronics are all separate pieces, and I need enough vector artwork to model them as separate pieces.

Shown, are the reference photos I've used. It is best if you can extract the actual 3D model from the game, but purely for the texture mapping images (the 3D model used in-game is crude). I am able to find the papercraft model for the chest, so I used that for my reference images.

Step 2: Modelling Chest - Part 2

Picture of Modelling Chest - Part 2
Here, I've already imported the vector artwork into SolidWorks.  You can see some of the vector graphics in the screenshots.

Most of the parts are easily recognizable. The last image is of the inner top lining of the chest. It leaves enough space in the top cavity for the electronics. There's also a notch for the reed switch (which I will talk about later). There are also holes in the lining to allow for sound to escape.
Athanatosti3 months ago

You said black paint was too dark, but what base colour did you use?

xeijix (author)  Athanatosti3 months ago
I used a grey primer
Athanatosti8 months ago

This amazing! Please tell me you are willing to sell one to me! :'D And if not would you be so kind to answer these two questions? What type of plastic did you use to print it? And where did you put the magnet and how small is it?

I meant the magnet for the reed switch or did you operate it in a different way and am I saying something stupid?...

xeijix (author)  Athanatosti8 months ago
hi, sorry I can't take commission work now. To answer your question, I used ABS, but you can probably print it with PLA as well. I placed the reed switch in the center of the top lip of the chest, so the magnet would have to be placed on the bottom lip at the center (or somewhere close to the reed switch). Unless you're talking about the magnet ON the reed switch, it's hard to describe, but I placed it at the end of the reed switch (check my drawing). As for the size of the magnet, it doesn't really matter except that it has to be small. I believe I used a 3mm cubic magnet

Well I guess I have to do it myself, will be a challenge for me ;)

And yes I am going blind because I only just now noticed the battery above the reed switch *facepalm*

jcole249 months ago

OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I am obsessed with the legend of zelda series, and not this past year but the year before my parents bought me Skyward Sword for christmas.

RyGuy1761 year ago

Thank you for sharing everything! Love it all! Sadly, the link you provided for the sound module doesn't seem to work anymore. Do you by chance have any other recomondations?

xeijix (author)  RyGuy1761 year ago

I checked the link out, it still works. Here's a link to their direct product page where you can purchase it:

Perfecto! Works fine for me now! Thanks mate

lastoryx1 year ago

Working on this next!!! Printing on Taz 3! We rendered it a little differently and we're using PLA!!! <3

Mark3451 year ago
Could you share the design of the goddess cube? Its amazing¡¡¡
Finalist! Congrats!
camilat1 year ago
where did you get the little sword in the ribbon?
xeijix (author)  camilat1 year ago
The ribbons were from The Container Store and the sword's a Japanese gashapon like collectable. For my case, I got it from a seller on amazon:
Iceflow xeijix1 year ago
Maybe you could answer to all the people who ask for the 3D files for the chest... it wont hurt at all ;)
xeijix (author)  Iceflow1 year ago
Patience is virtue. I've shared my files on Thingiverse. I've included the link in the last step
Iceflow xeijix1 year ago
Thanks for sharing :D
magdielr211 year ago
Where did you do the 3D printing? thanks. awesome project by the way!
xeijix (author)  magdielr211 year ago
I have a pp3d printer so I printed it myself.
camilat1 year ago
D: i love it! it's the most spectacular thing i have seen!
Is there a way that I could access the finished STLs? Or possibly some way I could get one or two of these printed (say via Shapeways?)
Iceflow1 year ago
Can you share the STLs to print the chest? Amazing work!!
neonix1 year ago
Mega awesome!
coppeis1 year ago
could you post a link to the file for the chest?
wanamoka1 year ago
This is way cool!
Never thought I'd say this, but it would be really beautiful to somehow turn this into a music box. That song with the harp sounds like it'd come out nicely.
This is amazing, and beautiful!
Bluemetal1 year ago
Great project! Will you make the 3D stl files available to others?
ab0321 year ago
I would love this as a gift to a special some one, but I don't have any of this to make it :( Amazing work!
BrittLiv1 year ago
Wow this is awesome! The end result is so clean and neat!
Btw. why is this not in the "Game.Life 3" contest?
xeijix (author)  BrittLiv1 year ago
A moderator fairy placed me in the contest today. Thank you mysterious moderator!
My thoughts exactly.
xeijix (author)  BrittLiv1 year ago
A complete flub on my part. I didn't notice that contest when I published this instructable. And now it's too late to enter! Nooo
this is technology?
xeijix (author)  flameheadrod1 year ago
Lol I did put it under 3d printing, but one of the editors featured it so I have no control over where it's featured