The Justice Lego League of America





Introduction: The Justice Lego League of America

Based on Kaged Kombat's design. We tweaked his design of the Lego Face/Head and we created our own body. I also made lego hands to fit the costume. We used 12 inch cement tubes for the head; Large home depot boxes for the body; and Large unwanted boxes from the local stores. I will post a future instructable on how to make the body and hands.

Last Halloween we won for best costume in the group category in the Trick or Treat 5k Run/Walk; we were dressed as Pacman and Ghosts. This year I decided we should be Lego people with a twist--The Justice League. The 5k was held yesterday 10/30/10 and we took first place again in the Group Category. It was horrible running in this because it was very hot, with little air coming in. In the end it was worth it because we made it into the local newspaper and everyone wanted a picture with us!



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    How did you ventilate the heads?

    Ventilation is through the eyes and mouth. However we made a slit on the lego logo on top. I'll post a picture

    what did you use for the batman ear piece?

    Cardboard, just shape it like a triangle. You can also use posterboards. It's very simple.

    Man! What a great idea! How did you make those Lego hands work? What did you make it out of? because they look perfect!

    The hands were made out of cardboard. I rolled it into a cylinder and made claws out of another piece and glued it on to hte end. I can draw it out for you if you want.


    Hi there
    I am creating a lego batman costume for Halloween and was wondering how you made the hands and what you covered the eye holes with.

    Your help would be very much appreciated

    The hands were made out of cardboard. Basically rolled it up into a cylinder and made attached the claws to the end. I can draw it out.

    For the eyes, we used meshed screen like the ones for hte screen doors and we spray painted it white

    I made one like the green lantern guy but it was paper mache. Its round but still this is very cool!