Hello everyone! I made this for my 40 followers special, I will make more when it reach 60! I haven't post anything in awhile because the school started so I don't have that much time so I'll try to publish at least 2 instructables in a month. Enjoy the Lego Aperture science Portal gun!

Step 1: Step1: Portal Gun

This is the instruction of the portal gun, it might be a little confusing, ask me if you have any questions or leave me some comments. Please vote me if you liked it!

<p>I haven't post anything new for a while cause I'm in high school now and I am super busy, I'll probably post something next s</p>
<p>thx man! I just brain storm and I make prototypes of things I want to make, then I'll pick the best one and post it on instructable .</p>
How do u create this stuff? They are amazing creations! Anyway u should keep it up.
I just brainstorm and build what ever I want
Seems lame
<p>Keep it to yourself</p>
This is so cool! And purple t-shirts rock!!!! :-)
Thanks dude! Instructables rock!<br>
No that's so cool dude u need more followers and I'm following you to so stay cool and keep on buliding these awsome builds and I'll see you later bye (SPACE CORE)
<p>thanks dude! That really inspires me to build more!</p>
<p>Very cool! Nicely done.</p>
<p>thank you !</p>
Voted for you, very cool!
I live about an hour away from the LEGO factory here in Denmark. I'll drop them a few lines about you. Maybe they'll like some of your ideas :-)
<p>thank you for liking my ideas, I think I'll need make it more smooth. Thanks anyway!</p>

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Bio: Hi, I am Super Space Ninja!
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