The Lego RCX 1.0 Ping Pong Car!




Introduction: The Lego RCX 1.0 Ping Pong Car!

Hello, I have a couple of RCX 1.0's and I have a great idea to give to you for making a cool car. Its very easy. As you can see in the photos, there is a video of what it can do and a photo of the car. The program I used is RoboLab 2.0. I programmed the car so if it hits something at its front end it will bounce back and do the same. You don't have to copy my design, there is hundreds of ways you can make it. You could make it bigger, or smaller and it will still work the same way. If you copy my way of the program (in photos) at first you will have to press one of the touch sensors for it to start. Hey, do you have a lego wedo like me. Then click this!



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    does robolab or RCX use javascript goto here to see javascript operated EV3 mindstorms:

    can you explain a little bit more about robo lab? what doe each of the icons mean>

    Wait till touch sensor a is pressed, reverse direction, wait till other sensor pressed, reverse. Repeat