Picture of The Lego Toilet
This is a pretty cool toilet design so follow the instructions
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
A blue toilet bottom
1red can
1brown can
One pole
A grey dish
And a green surface

Step 2: Build Part 1

Picture of Build Part 1
Place the black pole on the green surface

Step 3: Build Part 2

Picture of Build Part 2
Put the blue toilet bottom over the black pole

Step 4: Build Part 3

Picture of Build Part 3
Now put the put the red can on top of the black pole

Step 5: Build Part 4

Picture of Build Part 4
Now put the dish on top of the red can

Step 6: Extra

Picture of Extra
Put the brown can in the toilet bottom
Minecraftedboy (author) 10 months ago
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