The Lightning Scythe, a Knex Bolt Action Assault Rifle





Introduction: The Lightning Scythe, a Knex Bolt Action Assault Rifle

I just finished this thing recently, so I wanted to share it with I'bles.
This is my Knex Bolt action assault rifle , that also features a removable magazine. 

- A nice range, 60-75 feet (with the bands I am using) If you want anymore, you need to put some sort of force-bracer on the pieces or they'll end up breaking :P
- Sturdy gun , 5 layers
- True trigger , Bolt action
- Removable magazine ( idk if thats a pro, to some yes , however, it all depends on you)
- Iron Sights
- 5 round magazine :(  (but the mag is easily moddable to accommodate larger amounts of bullets each time)
- A bit big when in sniper rifle state ( well ...its a sniper rifle
- Takes a bit of time to put on sniper parts ...but I'll try to fix that later
- Broken. Flipping. Pieces. Dang I'm really starting to under-appreciate these things, but I'm sure with time I can find my way around these . :P



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    The gun is just a zkar with a few mods, it looks like. It's nice, but it should be named "my modded zkar + attachments" or such

    the only good knex gun with a removable mnag that i have enough peices 4 and there are no instructions. please post!

    a...errr...removable one?

    yeah ok sure... lots of people have made removable mags for their zkar, including me. it's not that difficult... just no ones posted it because it's too easy and a waste of time and space. nvm... forget about it.

    Post instructions please!

    Im a left hander too.

    Hahaha do you know?

    by the side that the bolt is on. i am an observant person.
    also, i am left-handed.

    thanks. very nice gun btw. you really need to post it, it looks epic.

    Why does everyone think that sticking a handle on the ram = bolt action? T.T

    3 replies

    because it looks cool and is easy to make. i know what you mean though.

    Meh. I understand what you mean... but this is Knex. :|

    Bolt-action rifles operate when a user of the gun manually operates a small handle to open and close the breech (barrel) of a gun. Each time they do so, it loads another round, ejecting a shell out the side (depends what kind of gun). They then pull the trigger, firing off a round. Reloading is simple, repeating the steps of operating the bolt system.

    But this is the closest thing I could find to recreating such a system that actually worked.....and didn't want to waste anymore pieces to make shells and such because I had another project I was working on ... :p

    I made a bolt action rifle that fire like you said, and I was posting but I didnt know how, so i didnt post :(

    sorry about my english, Im mexican :)