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A Detonator / Rocket launcher project I did a lil bit ago, I did not document it well building it, But thought id share some photos of it.

(a lil more info)
it works with eather Nichrome Wire (The smaller the Gauge the better, u can get it on E-bay) or The model rocket ignitors u can buy from your local hobby shop, I think I will put up an ignitor Instructable at some point.

(im thinking of makeing a few of these to sell if anyone would be interested? cost would probly be in the hundred somethings [for parts, time and labor] )


ebolson (author)2014-03-11

How do the jacks work

T4_666 (author)ebolson2014-03-12

there Stereo jacks so in music terms there is a left ear channel and a right ear channel.

The basic setup is wire one channel directly to your power Source we will say to the Negative.

Then wire the second channel from the Positive terminal to a Momentary On Switch Then to the Second Channel on the jack.

Now when you push the button it completes the circuit (if you alligator clips are ether touching or clamped onto a rocket ignitor or NiCrome wire at the end of your lead wire's that is)

Fairly quick and simple and works well!

flamesami (author)2010-02-18

can you please add a schematic of the electronic circuit, I am thinking of doing something similar and this would be very helpful
thank you

T4_666 (author)flamesami2011-06-23

it`s been some time and also some time sins u posted this, i don`t think i have the schematic anymore sorry :o/

xBRAZZMATAZZx (author)2010-12-23

what did you make the black and yellow thing out of

T4_666 (author)xBRAZZMATAZZx2011-06-23

it`s just a thin peace of plywood i sanded and painted, using one inch wide masking tape to space the lines and mask the yellow, (use white paint as a base coat then fallow with the yellow to make the yellow pop better, then fallow with your black)

YoungPyro19 (author)2010-06-25

That's sweet. I'd love to make something like that.

wii552 (author)2009-11-15 uncle keeps his netbook in an ammo can...

davidemil55 (author)2009-06-17

Thats awesome@

flamesedge (author)2008-05-23

Hmmm I built something similar to this recently for a rocket launch pad, only difference is that I used a larger ammo box and put 4 gel cell 12v volts in(2 pair running parallel). All I have to say is don't try going through an airport with one of these TSA gets pissed, even when you have a paper from NAR explaining that it is completely legal and safe.

TheDeviant13 (author)flamesedge2009-02-17

you might not have as much of a problem if they weren't gel cells because for all they know it could be napalm or some other form of explosive.

Vulcanator (author)TheDeviant132009-04-24

napalm is not an explosive. it is a sticky flammable substance.

curecreator (author)Vulcanator2009-05-31

Tell em To be precise it is a composition of styrene, benzene, and gasoline although the Geneva convention has deemed that it is not environmentally friendly.

mokano667 (author)2008-08-11

will u post the instructible plz?

sleeping_gecko (author)2008-05-21

Based on your description, and some of the captions, I'm guessing you would use this for model rocket ignitors, etc? Either way, it looks really cool. It gives me an idea for putting a computer inside an ammo can. Could be great for LAN parties... Good job. Thanks for sharing the pics!

T4_666 (author)sleeping_gecko2008-05-21

it will work with rocket ignitors but u can also use Nichrome wire to make your own ignitors,9volts will make it glow cherry red. and the comp in an ammo box is an awesome idea I have seen it done it makes it nice an portable!

Dr. Explosion (author)T4_6662008-06-30

I wouldn't take that computer into an airport or government facility though, you would probably be tackled by MPs and taken into custody!!! ;-)

sleeping_gecko (author)T4_6662008-05-22

I haven't messed with model rockets for a long time, but this would definitely be cooler than the normal switch contraption that Estes kits used to come with. Not to mention the "Oohs" and "Ahhhs" you could get if you used THIS to light off your DIY fireworks show instead of a zippo/propane torch/punk stick/etc. Classy!

Tobita (author)sleeping_gecko2008-05-25

i will try to bring a detonators in an airport when i am gonna go back to saudi arabia, let's see all THOSE ooh's and aah's xD

MD_Willington (author)2008-05-27

Hey look at that! I just store ammo in my ammo boxes!

gmoon (author)2008-05-21

Very well executed--well done! And good use for the ammo box...(I've got a couple, but haven't found the right project for 'em, yet.)

killerjackalope (author)gmoon2008-05-21

Maybe a nice amp, a micro atx computer, a recase for some speakers, a lamp, add a lock make a lockbox... Just some ideas, imagination has no ends so crazy projects are much better...

gmoon (author)killerjackalope2008-05-21

Well, I've had no lack of ideas, but usually they're not quite right for it... No point in forcing it, just because I've got the box (It's a bit backwards, no? Choosing the case, then searching for a project, simply to fit it?)

Anyway, none would fit the form or function as well as this one. It's pseudo-military, portable in nature and something you'd want protected from the environment (the boxes have a weather seal.) I'd call this a near perfect use of an ammo box....

killerjackalope (author)gmoon2008-05-21

i attack projects with whatever components make me have the idea... Actually having a portable computer in an ammo box would be damn cool, add heatsinks on bottom, set it in a river when video editing... The other thing is having ideas is a great activivty, I'm now looking for a scrap scooted, all based on a dream I had... It was very odd but the plan involves wood panneling...

gmoon (author)killerjackalope2008-05-21

Like I said--I have no lack of ideas.

One difference between me now, and me as a younger man is I have much more patience. Since I usually have three or four projects going simultaneously, I can always put one aside and wait for the right components. I still have plenty to work on... ;-)

and there are plenty of poorly conceived and poorly executed ideas on instructables already...

killerjackalope (author)gmoon2008-05-21

Too true

That's one problem I have, too many projects, no need for patience, usually working on anoth project gives me ways to subsitute components or solve design problems, the lighter USB drive seems an easy project but it took some thought as to how to preserve the whole lighter and get the innard out, eventually bashing a nail through the the flint tube did the trick...

gmoon (author)killerjackalope2008-05-21

Simple is often best.

killerjackalope (author)gmoon2008-05-21

Indeed or simplicity via brute force...

gmoon (author)killerjackalope2008-05-21

The need dictates the technique...

killerjackalope (author)gmoon2008-05-21

umm not really, there are many ways i thought of with more delicacy, none of them take half a second though...

gmoon (author)killerjackalope2008-05-21

Then it wasn't the need that was dictating, but something else...

I'm not one to argue with "creative rule-breakers," (being one myself.) But a large percentage of people never learn the rules before they break 'em. Sometimes we get lucky.

sometimes we are just WAY off the mark...

killerjackalope (author)gmoon2008-05-21

Hehe I couldn't agree more, it all depends on what learning the rules mean to each person...

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