The Little Green Box of BOOM!





Introduction: The Little Green Box of BOOM!

A Detonator / Rocket launcher project I did a lil bit ago, I did not document it well building it, But thought id share some photos of it.

(a lil more info)
it works with eather Nichrome Wire (The smaller the Gauge the better, u can get it on E-bay) or The model rocket ignitors u can buy from your local hobby shop, I think I will put up an ignitor Instructable at some point.

(im thinking of makeing a few of these to sell if anyone would be interested? cost would probly be in the hundred somethings [for parts, time and labor] )



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    How do the jacks work

    there Stereo jacks so in music terms there is a left ear channel and a right ear channel.

    The basic setup is wire one channel directly to your power Source we will say to the Negative.

    Then wire the second channel from the Positive terminal to a Momentary On Switch Then to the Second Channel on the jack.

    Now when you push the button it completes the circuit (if you alligator clips are ether touching or clamped onto a rocket ignitor or NiCrome wire at the end of your lead wire's that is)

    Fairly quick and simple and works well!

    can you please add a schematic of the electronic circuit, I am thinking of doing something similar and this would be very helpful
    thank you

    it`s been some time and also some time sins u posted this, i don`t think i have the schematic anymore sorry :o/

    what did you make the black and yellow thing out of

    it`s just a thin peace of plywood i sanded and painted, using one inch wide masking tape to space the lines and mask the yellow, (use white paint as a base coat then fallow with the yellow to make the yellow pop better, then fallow with your black)

    That's sweet. I'd love to make something like that. uncle keeps his netbook in an ammo can...

    Hmmm I built something similar to this recently for a rocket launch pad, only difference is that I used a larger ammo box and put 4 gel cell 12v volts in(2 pair running parallel). All I have to say is don't try going through an airport with one of these TSA gets pissed, even when you have a paper from NAR explaining that it is completely legal and safe.