Picture of The Littlest Link- Kid Legend of Zelda Costume
My husband, being a long-time avid Nintendo fan, noticed that our 20 month-old son could look a lot like Young Link from The Legend of Zelda. A Halloween costume project was born! I have to say, this didn’t take nearly as long to piece together as I had expected. After putting together the costume, we went out for a fun little photo session in a nearby park. My husband then added some Photoshop wizardry to bring some of the other fantasy bits to life.

You can view the entire photoset here: http://eric3dee.deviantart.com/gallery/33299409

We also made a screen test for fun which you can view below:

Supplies Needed:

- Green fabric for the tunic (I only needed a yard for my munchkin)

- faux leather upholstery for the shoes, belt, and sash, a buckle from the fabric store

- 1/2 yard of fleece (really, you need less for the hat, but I wanted to make sure to have plenty since I knew I’d probably mess up the first time)

- a lime-green long sleeved shirt (we found one at Wal-Mart and turned it inside out so the graphics on the shirt wouldn’t show)

- girly white cotton tights (hopefully this fact doesn’t scar our son for life) ;)

- measuring tape

- fabric scissors and sewing machine

- Velcro (peel and stick)

- Thor sword from Target (it comes with a shield, but we didn’t use that shield, though you could if you wanted to modify it)

- various acrylic and krylon paints for the shield and sword

- craft rivets

- masonite hardboard for the shield

- jigsaw

- Liquid NAILS


BartholomewH2 months ago

this is too cute!

mitacf10 months ago

Where did you find the buckle?

eric3dee (author)  mitacf10 months ago

We got the buckle at a craft/hobby store in town.

wnq1 year ago
So cute!
16lundgcodm2 years ago
This is amazing!!! You got references from toon link right?
Thanks for this awesome Instructable! We made one for our son. Check it out here. http://www.instructables.com/id/Link-Costume-1/

azharz2 years ago
Wow! Nice Instructable and KID too.
Zombie_BBQ2 years ago
The Littlest and Cutest Link ...what a cutie pie looks like my son did at that age =)
i now know what my little brothers halloween cosume will be
It's a very sweet costume! Time for a Ganon one!
Lei_Kei3 years ago
He's so cute!
AWW...this is soooooo cute!! Legend of Zelda FTW!! XD
This is clearly going to be the winner in the Halloween photo contest. It's a great project, but an even better main photo.
eric3dee (author)  The Papier Boy3 years ago
Thanks so much! Thing is, I don't know if it was even entered/eligible for the Photo contest. I only got a "Thanks for Entering!" email for the "Easy Costume" category. It may be too late to do otherwise? Any Instructables personnel listening?? ;)
You haven't scarred your son for life; you've made his life more EPIC.
~Zero3 years ago
You forgot to mention the fact that you WILL need a cute little Link~!

Just a tip. If the fabric content of the tights is natural (a.k.a. cotton) they can be dyed a color to match or complement the outfit. Mine came white and got a great green color for either Robin Hood or Peter Pan outfits. Great instructable!!
mizzoufan963 years ago
Freaking awesome!
seba16853 years ago
This is BEYOND awesome :)
rcisneros3 years ago
Okay, without reading the instructable at all, THAT is the most ADORABLE thing I've seen in a while.
merijnvw3 years ago
you cant imagine how jealous i am of that boy
HOLY SHENANIGANS! This costume is the most adorable little thing ever!

Can't wait for next year when my little guy is able to go Trick-Or-Treating!

The entire family will dress up as 8-bit characters
Guess what my children will be for Halloween? :P

I love it!
D00M993 years ago

You should get three of his friends and make costumes in red, blue, and purple for them. Four Swords! ^.^
GaryMeow3 years ago
Sooooooooooo Cuuuuuuuuute!!! ><
love it
mikeasaurus3 years ago
This is so adorable! I'm so glad you posted it!