The London Hair Bun

Picture of The London Hair Bun
These instructions contain step-by-step instructions on how to create the Audrey Hepburn inspired London Bun.
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
Rattail Comb
Hair wrap (ponytail)
Large and small hair pins (bobby pins)
Hair gel

*Note: Hair must be dry for best results

Step 2: Put hair into a high ponytail

Picture of Put hair into a high ponytail
1. Brush hair straight back into a high ponytail
2. Tightly secure the ponytail with a hair wrap
3. Using your fingers, apply a small amount of gel to the hair around the face to collect fine hairs

Step 3: Back comb the ponytail for volume

Picture of Back comb the ponytail for volume
ENG 316 Instructions 013.JPG
1. Section off a 1 inch piece of hair from the ponytail
2. Use a rattail comb to back comb the section of hair starting at the base of the ponytail and working your way to the end of the ponytail
3. Lightly hairspray the section of hair
4. Repeat the above steps until all hair has been back combed
5. Lightly brush the top layer of the ponytail until smooth

Step 4: Form the bun

Picture of Form the bun
ENG 316 Instructions 018.JPG
ENG 316 Instructions 020.JPG
1. Lightly twist the ponytail
2. Loosely wrap the ponytail around its center
3. Secure the end of the ponytail with a large hair pin
4. Secure the other sides of the bun with three more large hair pins

Step 5: Balance the bun

Picture of Balance the bun
ENG 316 Instructions 027.JPG
ENG 316 Instructions 051.JPG
1. Use the end of a rattail comb to pull out and adjust the hair in the bun until all sides of the bun have an even amount of hair
2. Secure all sides of the bun with small hair pins
3. Lightly hairspray the bun

Now you are ready for the red-carpet!

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