Step 2: Put Hair Into a High Ponytail

1. Brush hair straight back into a high ponytail
2. Tightly secure the ponytail with a hair wrap
3. Using your fingers, apply a small amount of gel to the hair around the face to collect fine hairs
That looks kind of cool
Hey..I'm Sara..Yeah I live in london i normally do jus a messy bun...buh i saw this and i fink its amazing.....i am defo gnah try it wen i go out 2nyt... <br>P.s-you hav lovely Hair :) <br>I followed u and i rated u 3.5....i'm really sorry my computer froze and i was clicking furiously and then it says ''thank you for rating this 3.5'' im lky Wat? <br>i swer i ment 5/5 its amazing :) <br>cn i hairspray instead ov mouse? <br>Thanx hunny <br>Lov Sara <br>xx

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