The London Tower Bridge Pop-up Origami Architecture Kirigami





Introduction: The London Tower Bridge Pop-up Origami Architecture Kirigami

This is my Tower Bridge that I made out of paper. It can be folded. Hope you will like it.



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so this isn't an instructable, it's a show and tell-able...

It's nice (beautiful really) but how can we make it? Or a similar structure?

I don't think this is what this site is for is it?

excuse me for not banned and we knew it would be the other side and unfortunately I do not really get on this site and I just when I have time. I try to reinforce this bridge because it is paper and is brittle at deplsare, to transport it can carry a file "folded" but I do so because I want such a file. can you give me an idea how to strengthen it, they told me to join him pulberizez water glue, but I have not tried .voi will go try and I will tell

If you post Things on this website please put instructions on how to do it on the page - this is Instructables. If you just want to get a pat on the back then add photos to deviantart or something

This comes with a template and needs money to purchase it. it wouldn't be legal to post the instructions and templates online without payment first...

It's a wonder you don't get more comments and followers. These are amazing!

Wow, that's great - how did you cut it out?

Thank you. It was handcrafted with hobby knife.

This is not legit origamic architecture. It is supposed to fold out of the piece of paper, as shown in

You can't deny that it is clever, though.