Picture of The Lonely Cookie Mountain
Have you ever wanted to make a mountain out of cookies?

...perhaps one spiced with cinnamon and chocolate?  and maybe with a chocolate dragon guarding its stolen treasure?  

and how about that dragon happens to exude spicy cinnamon scented incense smoke?  Keep reading.  Maybe it wasn't something that you'd thought of... but it doesn't sound like such a bad idea, does it?  It takes a bit of time, but it's not too difficult, I promise.

Your shopping list:

baker's sugar (superfine white sugar - you can put regular granulated sugar in the blender for a few seconds if you can't find this)
all purpose flour
baking powder
vanilla or tonka bean
almond meal
cocoa powder - extra dark and regular
cinnamon (usually cassia, but labeled cinnamon at stores)
white chocolate
dark chocolate
corn syrup
glycerin (just a drop - but I always keep it around because it's great on my face under any moisturizer)
food coloring in red, yellow, blue, and possibly black (or just mix lots of blue with a bit of red in place of the black)
everclear alcohol, use vodka in a pinch (but everclear is better; the water in vodka might make things soggy)
edible luster powder in gold and pearl/white

If you want to make incense from scratch like I did in this instructable, you will also need makko powder.  If you just want to smolder cinnamon, you'll need a coal (try a tobacco shop) and either a mica plate or a piece of foil bent into a cup shape to hold the cinnamon.  I added some other things to my incense, but they're not absolutely vital.  I listed them in step 5.  You likely won't be able to get a couple of them in town.  Send me a note if you're aching for them, and I can tell you where to order them online.
we did something a bit (emphasis on bit) like this for my brother's most recent birthday. it was a much smaller mountain shaped cake with sparklers and a "shrinkles" dragon guarding a hoard of boiled sweets with edible glitter on top (to look like gems).

this make is an absolutely brilliant idea though i don't think i'd ever have the time or the occasion to do it unfortunately.
onrust2 years ago
That's a killer party idea.
Another instructable about something that turns out too gorgeous to eat... I think personally I'd rather make the mountain from crafting materials and enjoy the cookies in a more traditional, more edible form, but I love what you achieved.
supersoftdrink (author)  Dominic Bender2 years ago
It makes for a rather impressive centerpiece at a party, though... especially if you have geek friends. I was sure to only use ingredients that I'd actually want to eat - no shortening, no canned frosting, no gum paste or fondant... the taste is still top priority for me. :) The cookies would also be great if you simply cut out shapes from the marbled dough.
I enjoy great documentation.

Amazing work!