The Loop - Cable Management Above the Ceiling




Introduction: The Loop - Cable Management Above the Ceiling

The Loop - Cable Management above the ceiling

The Loop for Cable Management above the ceiling is a safe and easy way to hang and dress cable. Save time while still looking professional! The loop is more cost effective and protects the cable better than a metal j-hook or zip ties. When hanging Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, or fiber optic cable with a zip tie, it has a tendency to dig into or possibly crimp the cable which can compromise the quality and functionality of the cable. The Loop, however, does not cut into the cable at all because it can’t be over tightened. The Loop closes with a patented locking system that can easily be unlocked to add more cable or remove unwanted cable but will not come unlocked if cable is being pulled through it.

This cable hanger can be attached to an I-beam by a beam clamp or
screwed directly into a stud. An all thread rod can be attached to the beam clamp allowing more than one Loop to be attached with cables running in multiple directions. The 2” and 2.5” Loops are great for smaller runs between 60 to 100 Cat5e cables; the larger 5” Loop is great for hanging large amounts of cable up to 300 Cat5e cables at once. Because The Loop is wider than a zip tie and most J-hooks it helps maintain the cables’ bend radius.

The Loop (Large) Reference: 103055

The Loop (Medium) Reference: 103052

The Loop (Standard/Small) Reference: 103049

Step 1: How to Video - the Loop - Cable Management Above the Ceiling



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