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Introduction: The Lost Key

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Hello! I'll show how to make a musical instrument I called "The Lost Key". It makes a beautiful sound effect, as you will see in the end of this Instructable.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are the following:

-A wicker or straw basket (the credit card is only for size comparison);

-Cotton string;

-A big bunch of lost keys (got it?)

Step 2: Tool

That's right, tool, You'll need only a pair of scissors

Step 3: How to Do

It's very easy: all you have to do is cut the string in pieces with the same size. To make it easier, I wraped it around a CD case before cutting. After that, tie the strings in the keys, and in the basket, one by one (a LOT of pacience needed here).

Step 4: Done!

And here it is! To play it, just roll your hand through the hanging keys, as shown in the video.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad English.

Oh, and vote for me in the "Make Noise" contest, please!



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Oye se puede leer todo los numberos de la tarjeta incluyendo el código ccv!

Never mind, it's valid only here in Brazil, but thanks for the warning, I'll edit it ;)

Hello! I only made a guess at Spanish rsrsrsrsrsrs bom dia! Bbjjjjs de irlanda

Ireland? With this good Spanish and not that bad Portuguese? That's surprising!


Because there aren't many people around the world who speak these languages that good

Does it makes children scream? Newermind, I like it. It also can be a great prank.

Lol! I never thought about that! Maybe it works that way, who knows?

So when you figure out what one of the keys opens, you can just cut it down. Great idea. I will be starting mine soon. And adding to it on a regular basis.

Actually, the name of the project is because these keys were really lost by someone, and they can't be used again