Introduction: The Loveliest Monster of Them All

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Life changes, and so did this Instructable about lovely Monsters :-)

Step 1: Meeting a Monster

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You can't really meet a monsters. Monsters come to you...


vincent7520 (author)2013-03-12

You gotta be a monster (sorry Monster) yourself to be with 3 of them !!!…

Anyway I agree : "un-monsters" (or normal people) are highly overrated when compared to happy Monsters !…

a_lil_monkey (author)2012-06-17

I have always said.. Medusa and Frankenstein were misunderstood..

ynze (author)a_lil_monkey2012-06-18

lol. They were labeled Monster because they are a bit too familiar :-)

happyjo (author)2011-02-28

OH this is very sweet! :D

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Bio: Also have a look at member Monster-Marit. She Rocks (I'm a bit prejudiced, though :-))
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