Picture of The Lucid Dream Machine
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First off, this is a Collaboration between me Guyfrom7up and Gmoon

Gmoon did all of the programming, debugging, etc.

Guyfrom7up did all of the hardware, PCB, etc.

What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid Dreaming is when you are sleeping and dreaming and that you are aware that your are asleep and that you are dreaming, yet you don't wake up. This can be great, giving you full control of your dreams, jumping off of buildings, going into space, whatever your mind can create.

The Lucid Dream Machine is a pair of glasses that you wear while you are sleeping. About 4 hours into your sleep the AVR microcontroller pulse LEDs that shine through your eyelids. This half wakes you up. The flashing lights helps you become aware (in your sleep) that your are sleeping and dreaming, in doing so you become more likely to be able to control your dreams.

Our Collaboration give you the Lucid Dream Machine.

Sorry, but to watch a video you will have to download it, for some reason the video won't work on both youtube and metacafe.
(gmoon: I tweaked the video and uploaded to my account... I need to do this for all my videos, also.)

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klonyyy10 months ago

Where can I change the wait-time ? I want to change it to a higher value, because as far it doesn't work...

marionpixie11 months ago
cool, but it sounds sorta painful
Advar1 year ago
This is very cool, and might have some theraputic value as well for someone with trumatic reoccuring nightmares (a close friend of mine).
Might also help me better control my bipolar-- control the dream, better resist strong emotional impulses.
Morph61 year ago
what compiler you use?
because i want to simulate the mask
Morph61 year ago
Have you got the PCB Schematics of this circuit?
geo9091 year ago
Thanks for the nice instructable, I'll probably try it myself. Any comments as of the battery life? How many nights should it hold, more or less?
Althu it needs some work to keep the eyes safe. But the idea is brilliant, good job guyfrm7up..
V0R73X2 years ago
We all are humans, we can make the decisions of our own. Each individual determines if this instructable is dangerous or not on his own.
So let's stop the pointless argument and comment about the flaws of the project and the experiences of people who've actually used it!
abran52 years ago
you should make an instructable on how to add sound cues
Fik5 years ago
How do you keep from poking your eyes with the LEDs if you turn face down on the pillow? (I do that often. I mean turning face down, not poking my eyes)
acoleman3 Fik3 years ago
makes me wonder if you could attach sun glass lenses to the outside and drill holes in them just big enough for the led body to slide through. then it'd be a matter of placing a dot or two of super glue on the other side where the led shoulder touches the lens.
acoleman33 years ago
it might be a better idea to us a red sharpi marker to locate the eye holes. the red will show up on the outside for you to use as a cutting guide and im *sure* it'd be safer.
holy crap it worked did it last night and was skeptical but it was soooooooooo ooooooooo oooooo awesome
Build43435 years ago
If anyone has tried this please tell us what happened to insure that its safe!!
Who cares if it's safe? It's science!!!
Are you GLaDOS or what? ^_^
A bit.
Anways, I think that the prgress of Science can't be stopped because of dangers too!
Bigev Build43435 years ago
What's the worst that could happen? The mask could fall off and choke you i guess, but otherwise it's risk free.
Maybe epileptic fits. I dunno
The lights aren't that bright of flashy.
 As a person with epilepsy any blinking light causes this. If you read in the agreement with Yahoo within the email account even they tell you there is chance of epileptic seizures. Just surfing your inbox can cause this. Best to not offer an opinion on something unless you know what you are talking about when this could cause harm. ANd really you could reprogram your mind with this device this type of stuff should not be allowed to be on this site. There is a reason there is an FDA even though they are not perfect.
You could cause yourself to be stuck in certain parts of sleep patterns and not fully get out like when you are driving.
I respect your input, and give due respect to your epileptic knowledge, but on the subject of this not being on the site I must disagree. Instructables is an open community of makers where any idea, no matter how unique or dangerous, is respected. A bit of discretion must be exercised when a project may be potentially dangerous, but Instructables usually leaves that up to the individual readers.

In short:
If you know you have epilepsy, then you should know better than to strap blinking lights to your face. Further, I don't believe that it is possible to get stuck in a particular stage of sleep.

Use common sense, I want proof of mind-stickage
You ever hear of hypnosis? Well if you go into other states of consciousness and are not properly taken out of those states by a professional person who is trained well you can slip back in said altered state. I have actually a degree actually a Master's degree in psychology so I think I know what I am speaking about .
Use common sense wow and how would common sense have anything to do with being educated about subjects. I love the internet everyone thinks they know everything or they can look it up on WIKI..lets just close down all all the schools and call everyone equal because they have common sense.
Mind stickage  you sound stupid and frankly some people may not realize ( and now I am speaking to you for instance ) what this machine could do and so they could promote seizures and get up the next day and have a car accident and kill someone. So this isn't a trite subject so grow up.
"lets just close down all all the schools and call everyone equal because they have common sense." <-- Haunted_lady, could you please explain this to me, are you saying that people should not be treated equal? Also the tone you are putting off sounds a little condescending does it not? Thank you for your time, Sculpur.
I take back my comment on the siezure thing, but please do not bag out the author for posting something he has done and wishes to share. It's a nice piece of electronics, and the science behind it is also interesting.

I've an idea; if you really want to continue this, then how about we swap sides of the argument? That way I'll really see your side of things, even if I don't have a full degree or understanding.
(removed by author or community request)
I value your input, and yes it is true that the SHOULD aspect of making is often times overlooked, but I do not appreciate being bashed. I invent words like "stickage" to use in lieu of other more proper words to give a more accurate view of how I actually talk, but if this bothers you let's talk straight.

In your retort, you called me stupid. I assure you i am not stupid, merely uninformed. There is a crucial semantic difference between those two. I am in fact attending a University for an electrical engineering degree, and as such the matters of psychosis is a bit out of my area.

Also in the aforementioned response, I quote "Ever hear of hypnosis?" Why yes, I have. BUT, like a large number of people on here we are not intimately familiar with all of the possible side effects of improper waking.

You are obviously passionate about this subject, so take a minute and properly educate us unversed masses with a mature and documented response. References would be nice, as they lend credibility as opposed to claims by a faceless internet person.

Doubt is easy, disproving doubt is difficult.
 First of all I said you sound stupid.
Secondly now you want references before you said use common sense.
And I am sorry it is hard to take a man seriously who is wearing a cream puff on his head seriously. 
If you are going to school why don't you make use of the library there ( no not the internet) and look up something. Try to research a subject not familiar to you.
I do this all the time. I should not have to hold your hand on this.
And I have given you examples when you first said you thought the "science behind his invention" was interesting.
What science would that be funny how he showed no references? Yet you swallowed it hook line in sinker you need to use your common sense it seems.
Sorry if I am a little tired of the sheep mentality on the internet " wow shiny cool" and no one thinks down the road...
I would give you links to things to look at but I read real books.
Alright, alright. Calm down. The flame war is over. I cede.

I apologize for playing devil's advocate the whole time, and we both have made decent points.Your research point is a very valid one, for example, and if I or anyone else felt so inclined that would be the proper course of action.

Have a nice day.
 What decent point did you make I missed that.
You made the point that people that know whey have Epilepsy should avoid this  or whatever. Well considering the awesome health insurance Americans have I am sure you will be glad to know I was in my late 20's before mine was discovered. 
We are a Wiki nation everyone wants to contribute because they think they know something even when they do not. We all want to pretend we are somebody. No one wants to be the unknown guy in the corner in the chicken hat. In this arena this could get dangerous and could cause someone to do things dangerous... it isn't like we are building soap boxy derby cars.
Did you yourself not hear the story of the Japanese videos games pulled form the shelves because of the severe seizures kids were going into?
You are right! Let's censor the internet! Let's be Chinese Communists! YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I have nothing against the Chinese, just the way their government is set up.)
Where is censorship mentioned nowhere. I hate to break it to you but everyone in the world's opinion is just that not a fact and some people do not know the difference and that can be dangerous. That's why it is not legal for people just to start making things and mass producing them out of their house it is called PRODUCT TESTING. You know to see IF IT IS DANGEROUS>>>>>>
"We are a Wiki nation everyone wants to contribute because they think they know something even when they do not." I was responding with a sarcastic solution.
Just gtfo of the internet if you don't like it this much. Jeez.
I have been off the internet for a long time that is why I have not seen these comments... I actually travel you know air. People are getting RICKETS from lack of sunshine because of internet addiction this is insane. All for what for people to update their fb? This website is useful most are not.
Please... Do us all a favor. Continue traveling on your crusades and leave the interwebs alone. We're safer with you out in the world doing "God Knows What," you're comments however "are shot from the hip" and lack a cohesion rarely found even on the internets.
You are very arrogant, and you lust for control of the information on the internet bothers the hell out of me. Go back to Russia and take your socialism with you.
me? :(
Of course not you. "Haunted_Lady" The communist with the desire to censor the internet.
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