The MAR Tank





Introduction: The MAR Tank

Hi, I'm Mr. Muggle and this instructable shows you how to build an armored tank

MAR Tank stands for: Moving Armored Rocketlauncher Tank.
-good range: 90 feet
-great fire power, it reminds me a lot of a real tank
-cannon can turn in all directions
-no motors v1 did have motors, this is v3 and I like it way better without the motors.
-not too many pieces, it's less than it looks like.
-really strong armor and body.
-looks realistic.
-really suitable for nagging brothers, etc

-The chain doesn't roll perfectly on smooth floor, I advice carpet or grass.
-The cannon has a block trigger because of limited space, and I wanted max performance.

Step 1: Piece List

Piece list:

red Connectors: 4
light gray connectors: 0
orange Connectors: 48
green Connectors: 60
white Connectors: 34
yellow Connectors: 68
dark gray Connectors: 27
purple Connectors: 38
blue Connectors: 30
y Connectors: 1
tan connectors/ blue cap connectors: 5

green Rods: 129
white Rods:128
blue Rods: 96
yellow Rods: 13+1 for every missile
red Rods: 18
gray Rods: 1 (black colour is prefered)

Special pieces
small sized wheels: 16
Small sized tires: 14
chain links: 88
blue spacers: 26
gray spacers: 10
small sized triangles: 16
medium sized triangles: 6
big sized triangles: 4
small sized squares: 2
Medium sized squares: 2

Step 2: Armor

In this step you'll make the armor plates.
This is the biggest step, after this there isn't much to do anymore.

Step 3: Support

In this step you'll make the support that's inside the tank

Step 4: The Cannon

The cannon will be build in this step

Step 5: Firing Instructions

In this step I'll explain some stuff about firing and loading the cannon

Step 6: Assembly 1


Step 7: Assembly 2

2 assembly steps otherwise it would be such a long step

Step 8: The Wheels and Chain

you're almost there now.

Step 9: Finally

Thank you for reading my instructable (and the last step because most people skip it) and have fun With the MAR Tank.

Mr. Muggle



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    1st comment! Nice tank, but i don't have chains!

    thanks, by the way it's pretty cool without the chains too (or two, I'm not sure how to spell it)

    I have like 7 feet of chain.

    Who cares? You suck...

    What's the point smilee? D:

    Shut up.  You're just jealous.

     Lol, get over yourself. 

    Why don't YOU try it yourself?