The MRP1 Shark





Introduction: The MRP1 Shark

About: Obviously made a ridiculously juvenile screen name back in '09, but I'll attempt to make up for it. Republican, religious, and southern; your typical down-to-earth bigot. If we agree to disagree, we'll be fine.

A well crafted knex weapon. 25 foot range with 4 RB's. True triggered and good looking, this gun will make a good addition to your arsenal.

Pros- true trigger, hand guard, breech load, looks cool, good range

Cons-a bit flexy, pinches your hand sometimes, frontheavy

Step 1: Handle

Built it, just build it!

Step 2: Ram Rod

===------------------------------ the hardest part


Step 3: Trigger


Step 4: Main Body and Barrel

Build the body of the gun, I am sorry I could not give it arms and legs.

Step 5: Connecting

put it all together

Step 6: Extras

Step 7: Done!

Enjoy your gun. "I am not responsible for anything harmed or injured when in use of this product, you cannot sue me for any personal problems regarding the use of this gun." *gasp*



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    you should make my.....assassins creed cane sword!

    when i put the amo in the barell it does not go all the way out of the barell

    what does mrp1 stand for because my mpr12 stands for multi purpose rifle with 12 bullet magazine

    im using 1 rubberband and its shooting like 30 ft!!!
    (although it is a BIG rubberband!!!)

    it resembles my sniper rifle so if i make it it'll look like a set!!!

    bleh this thing looks ugly, but for some reason i like it...

    Hardly. It isn't brilliant. But at least he didn't lie about his ranges, or over-estimate them.

    Oh god, not this again. What I said was true and tested.

    Absolute bullshit, if it was true, you would post a video. 200 feet with DD-27, show me.

    hmm if one shot with my 100 feet bow how would one find the bullet and measure it before it was taken away in ones home and gardenm?

    if i shot a bullet with a gun and wanted to measure the doistance where can i do it without leaving home?

    Somewhere you think is suitable. If your house is small then it probably isn't suitable.

    im still wondering about the bullshit thingy, you said it was possible to film 200 feet shooting, its possible maybe in a park or so, but how do you prove it, i mean even nasa doesnt have measure tapes that go 200 feet

    Do us a favour. Shush please.

    everyone knows the DD-27 can go only 100 feet. where did he say it could go 200?