Step 5: Connect the Bulb to the Wire

Hold the other end of the wire to the threads on the side of the metal portion of the bulb.
Didn't work for me?
<p>Is there a certain type of bulb you must use?</p>
we did this in school but with a diff battery and a diff way does it light up with one wire
or, you could just lean the bulb on both terminals.
you know, you could just cut the wire in half.
If you red a book for kids about electronics, you know this... :S
...i think that every ones knows how to make this circuit
No no no, this won't do - MacGyver would have used pine cones, insects, toothpaste, coinage or otherwise some things that you'd say of: "you cannot make a flashlight out of them?" A battery and a bulb would have been too easy for MacGyver (or the A-team for that matter) L

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