Step 3: Socketing.

Place the 2 sockets in the holes you just drilled. Glue them to the container.

NOTE : Place the sockets in a way that they don't "stick out" on the inside of the container.

Great job, and the self portrait is super cool. I all-ways like to look at the author photo in books. To see the person who makes the great art I am enjoying is a what I want to see.<br><br>Thanks for the post!<br>Swoon<br>p.s. I was a B&amp;W photographic printer in a for 15 years before computers took over. I also was a photo assistant too. I would hold reflectors and all that jazz. One of my boss' wasWalter Barnes in Texas 87 year old and he did was portraits and wedding. He had a catch light that was a small hot light, far and high for the eyes to catch. A great touch. Another tip I like called a Daylight Fill , it just means using a flash durning the day to fill in shadows and give great skin tones. I thought your readers would like the tips as you probably already heard of them.
<p>omg u read the fourth stall too i love that book</p>
This is a great 'ible!! I am doing this tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing.
Here is a link to my creation. I am going to change the bulbs a few times to get a feel for the different light. Thanks for the idea to get me inspired.<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Soft-Light-Box/
Love this idea. Making one of my own right now. Making a few alterations as needed. But loving the concept that you have! Cheers!
Thanks for reading!! Would LOVE to see your creation :), have a good day!

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