The Macho Man's Grilled Cheese

Picture of The Macho Man's Grilled Cheese
In memory of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. If you don't have a Macho appetite, don't even bother! This beast is a mixture of 3 American classics; Macho Man, grilled cheese sandwiches, and eggs in a hole sandwich. This creation isn't mine, I found  it (then slightly modified it) on the Serious Eats website. If you're serious about your food like they are, go check 'em out at www.seriouseats.com

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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
You'll need the following to make the Macho Man's Grilled Cheese.

2 slices of bread
2 eggs (if you only want one, just make a hole in one piece of bread)
2 slices of cheese. I used chipotle jack slices and some shredded cheddar 
2 slices salami
Real bacon bits  

Step 2: Cook your potatoes

Picture of Cook your potatoes
I'm a BIG fan of twice cooked potatoes. Usually I'll bake or boil the night before and cook again the next day. This is not mandatory but good if you have the time.

Peel the potatoes (if u prefer) then slice. Boil the potatoes about 10 minutes or until knife or fork easily pierces the center. Refrigerate until next day or cool down with cold water if using immediately.

Step 3: Fry the taters

Picture of Fry the taters
The potatoes have been precooked so this is just to get that crispy outside that makes fried potatoes so darn tasty. Heat some butter on your cooking surface. When it's melted and hot, add your potato slices. I seasoned mine with salt and pepper at first, then added Cajun spice. I also threw in some minced garlic and added a little more butter as needed. 

When you've reached desired crispiness, flip potatoes to cook the other side. When they start crisping, move them off to the side.

While the potatoes were cooking, I chopped up some salami and bacon to add to the sandwich. I prefer chopping them otherwise a whole piece of salami or bacon can get ripped out in one bite. I also completed the next step while the potatoes were crisping. 
Made it you are boss
This is making my mouth water I have to make this when I get up it looks sooo good!!!
Kinsei012 years ago
Man, I really Wanted to make this today, but I just didn't have the ingredients. I only had one slice of bread and some eggs.
So I'll have to put it off until I can get to town. Still though I had some eggs in a basket topped with some onions.
jbrecken3 years ago
To honor the Macho Man even more, swap out the salami and snap into a Slim Jim and chop it up instead.
cousin steve (author)  jbrecken3 years ago
Haha I was wondering if someone was going to suggest the Slim Jim. "Snap into a Slim Jim, Oh yeaaaaa!"
Antonio1083 years ago
This is possibly the best idea ever in the history of mankind.
GoDevils4 years ago
Looks delicious. Nice work.
artworker4 years ago
I will use sliced soya chunks for the vegy version. Nice work!
cousin steve (author)  artworker4 years ago
Thats a great idea and I'll give it a try too. I've also added thinner sliced fried potatoes in the middle and a little hot sauce when the eggs fully set and it was delicious!