The Magic Bottle





Introduction: The Magic Bottle

Print your own Magic bottle

Step 1: What Is Magic Bottle

Pour water again and again from an empty 3D printed plastic bottle! Pour a quantity of water from the bottle, seeming to empty it, moments later pour a quantity of water again !

Step 2: Design

The concept is to include upside down internal chamber/ chambers
inside the bottle that can hold some liquid when the bottle is tilted and held upside down

Step 3: Liquid Transfer to Main Chamber

When the bottle is upright again, liquid is transferred from the small chamber to fill the main chamber that when the bottle is held upside down again, the liquid is free to pure out of the bottle making a great illusion leaving the audience in doubts where this liquid come from?

Step 4: Different Internal Design

You can add more than one chamber, at different orientation, you can really play with the design making it very interesting and able to pour multiple times adding more excitement. I decided to experiment with a C shape section adding holes at different angles.

Step 5: Printing the Bottle

I used a reprap 3D printer to prototype the bottle, I am sure almost any 3D printer can do it, make sure you chose the right settings to produce an air tight bottle that does not leak.



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    You could have a tube the size of the opening extend all the way to the bottom. The slot where the water/liquid fills the chamber would be a certain height... that height would determine the amount of liquid available in the center. As the outside chamber would hold much more than the inside chamber, each pour would result in the liquid running in until the air could not escape to the outside chamber again... so each pour should be about the same amount... likely a 5:1 ratio would give you at least four pours of the same size.

    I thank you for your comment, Remember there are many ways by which you can make this trick, but I appreciate the time you took to put this comment, however I did not get it 100%, would you please provide me with a sketch that explain your point. thank you in advance.

    Here is an AutoCAD cross section and a PNG I made from 1/2 the model. The fluid will only go as high as the slot... and the outside area is about 5x the slot height... in theory at least 4 equal pours, then each additional pour would get smaller.


    wowwwo, that is very cool, thank you very much

    you can probably make it w/o a 3d printer... ill figure it out

    100% agree, I was thinking about doing it and sharing it with the rest of us, you can do it with plastic bottle and some glue gun ! , keep me posted

    I have a commercial version of this made of metal (I am a member of three magic organizations). If I was to make one, I would try to have the storage compartment a lot bigger than the chamber it flows into. I find with mine that I can pour a lot once, then quite a bit less, then less and less. It would be nice to have a large enough reservoir so the first few pours were more equal. I am not sure what the design problems would be, though.

    That is a pretty damn good idea, I can not agree more, let me see what I can do with the Design. I got 2 more ideas and products coming soon

    big thx for the comment.

    I am loving this, today I printed something similar, wait for it , will be with you soon :)

    this is so cool, I would totally try it if I had a 3d printer!!