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Step 5: The Installation

Picture of The Installation
playhouse disassembled.jpg
poured foundation.jpg
house no roof.jpg
low voltage wiring.jpg
Door with old hardware.jpg
inside house1.jpg
inside house with tv.jpg
mina and leila watching tv.jpg
tv with tivo.jpg
combo cable.jpg
Your installation can be as simple as this plug and play installation where you can be up and running in 10 minutes or a full on installation with in-wall sensors.

Of course, I had to do the full on installation which was a playhouse I built for my two girls. The playhouse is 8x8x8, I got the plans for the playhouse here http://woodmanor.net/Little-miss-playhouse-plans.html. My Dad built it in Oregon and then dis-assembled it and drove it down to California where we put it back together. We then poured a concrete slab for it and then roofed and painted it. Its basically a full blown mini-house with electrical, insulation, drywall, vent, TV, phone, pergo floor, etc.

The playhouse in itself was quite a project. The nice thing about building it from scratch is I was able to run all the wiring for the sensors through the walls as well as the electrical, doorbell, speaker, network, coax, and phone. Here's a separate instructable on the playhouse http://www.instructables.com/id/The_Princess_Playhouse/
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maxpower495 years ago
ummm what does this have to do with the magic Magic Mirror
spacelf maxpower493 years ago
Do not question Magic Mirrors and the things that maybe.

if you look above the window you shall see. (pumkin head)