The Magic Suitcase is an offshoot of the Magic Mirror project diymagicmirror.com

The suitcase is sitting on top of a laptop which runs the software. The laptop is connected to an Arduino which is connected to some sensors. Here's the logical architecture of the project diymagicmirror.com/files/magic-mirror-logical.jpg

This installation was for a Hotel where the Magic Suitcase among other things, speaks the Weather Forecast to the Guests.

Step 1: The Case

The case was found at a local electronic surplus shop. It's a hard case that used to house a 1950s Smith Corona typewriter.

A jigsaw was used for the oval cutout. A standard LCD mounting bracket was used to mount a 15" LCD monitor to the back of the case.

Nice and It is based on magic mirror interactive room already saw before. <br>You are really creative nice job!! I am a fan!!!
Fun. But the switches break the magic.<br />
Magic suitcase on my desk, give me the answer to this test.
Where do you get the Magic mirror program ?<br />
Hi, its a program I&nbsp;wrote<br />
&nbsp;That is very, very odd...
&nbsp;I think it's pretty cool.

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