Picture of The Magic Suitcase
The Magic Suitcase is an offshoot of the Magic Mirror project diymagicmirror.com

The suitcase is sitting on top of a laptop which runs the software. The laptop is connected to an Arduino which is connected to some sensors. Here's the logical architecture of the project diymagicmirror.com/files/magic-mirror-logical.jpg

This installation was for a Hotel where the Magic Suitcase among other things, speaks the Weather Forecast to the Guests.

Step 1: The Case

Picture of The Case
The case was found at a local electronic surplus shop. It's a hard case that used to house a 1950s Smith Corona typewriter.

A jigsaw was used for the oval cutout. A standard LCD mounting bracket was used to mount a 15" LCD monitor to the back of the case.

lpxav4 years ago
Nice and It is based on magic mirror interactive room already saw before.
You are really creative nice job!! I am a fan!!!
Datawolf5 years ago
Fun. But the switches break the magic.
Doctor What5 years ago
Magic suitcase on my desk, give me the answer to this test.
Where do you get the Magic mirror program ?
alinke (author)  Spottedfeather5 years ago
Hi, its a program I wrote
 That is very, very odd...
 I think it's pretty cool.