Picture of The Magnificent Sofa Suit! -Halloween Contest Entry
!! sofasuit 023.jpg
Are you tired of the dull life of the average sentient being? Have you ever wanted to sit back and ignore the problems of the world surfacing all around you?

Have you ever wanted to be a couch?

Of course you have. And now, with emerging technologies (tape and hot glue) and breakthrough materials (cardboard) your lifelong dreams can finally become reality.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and small extraterrestrial beings from unidentified planets, I present....


What is the sofa suit, you may wonder?
Basically, its a transforming man-to-sofa halloween costume, and when its completed, you can do some funny things with it, especially on halloween.
Just think: setting a bowl of candy on your lap and jumping up when kids come near, then watching them run screaming down the street.

in short, you can be your own Transformer.
Except, unlike a transformer, you can actually do something useful.

How, you might ask, does the fabled Sofa-Suit work? A hat, with a built in hatch for visibility, conceals one's head. A sort of torso-box thingy, to which arms and legs are attached, covers (obviously) the torso. The limbs are each made from two connected boxes...and so on and so forth.

Geoffrito and I worked together on this, as although its my idea, he really wanted to help (edit: he also designed most of it and was the true genius in the project) :)
Since we know each other (same school) I ought to include him as another collaborator, yay.

Anyway, moving on.
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patatarium7 months ago

i gonna do it the last year

bounty10127 years ago
lol... how do you go to the bathroom???
Ducky Boy (author)  bounty10127 years ago
o daaaang, didn't think of that! i was really lucky that night then.
Maybe your next costume should BE a potty! Potty at the party!
Nice 'ible, man! :)
arpoky4 years ago
Merlin's Beard! It's a Horace Slughorn costume! (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince reference)
Dumbledore's beard. Surely!
vulcan24 arpoky3 years ago
IRSisSIR3 years ago
wait, do you cut a flap for the face, or do you cut off the flap?
D00M994 years ago
Alright! I finished! Here's a link to the slideshow I made:


orvis7 years ago
I bought a boxen of donuts?
nave ShadyLogic6 years ago
Well, its a cup with dirt in it! i call it cup of dirt.
I know its spelled with two t's!!
YES! Finally the comment thread I've been searching for! People who actually listen to said comedian. "It's BriOn."
Haha,  its spelled Bri ' AE76 and the letter Q!!!
actually theres no 6. You know, " Bri ' AE the number 7 the letter Q! "
Mmmm Moosen
Geoffrito orvis7 years ago
mmm.... donuts.
Donutz is good....
Kaiven Navmz6 years ago
Cool, I always wanted to try this (they did have a movie prop "suit" like this in the movie "Spy Hard" with Leslie Nielsen", though it did not appear that the suite looked as good as this. Afterall that was only a movie. Now I too can join the waiting hordes of "harmless" furniture waiting patiently to attack and take over the civilized world! BTW - have you thought of how to build into a recliner, or a love seat (kind of like the old Cow suit with two people, only side by side). Might be cool with your significant other. Also might be an interesting "covert observation" device. Or if you have kids, the kid could be the ottoman! HAH Great job! Jim
hammer98766 years ago
This is great! I would add some doilies to the back and arms, though. Just to get that lived in look. This took lots of engineering. I bet you learned a lot!
Dudeyowuzup6 years ago
I don't even know what a spitfire is.... cute costume idea, btw. what's that tall plant in the background... hard to tell... is that a banana plant? I know they get really tall...
nave6 years ago
couldn't you put a hinge like thing to make it to where the box it always connected to you(to to make it to where you could just sit down)
Kaiven6 years ago
I like it, but how do the rail/leg/knee parts go back in if there is cloth on them? ans what about the upper arms? Thanks for the great instructable! P.S. Can I assumw you are Indian?... Or maybe more Indonesian..
Ducky Boy (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
hahaha i'm actually pure chinese. I guess i just tan really easily and i'm outside a lot. is coo tho :P
Woops! Not too great with my ethnics... I have another question about the suit, even though you didn't answer the other questions lol. You are sitting on a box to maintain the sitting position. Is the box mounted on your butt or do you have to move it to sit?
Ducky Boy (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
but if you're talking about geoffy luffy geoffrito sauce, he's indian or maybe more indonesian
Wills427 years ago
Reminds me a lot of the scene in 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' Where they breifly turn into sofa's. Author: Ford? Ford: Yeah? Author: I think I'm a sofa... Ford: Really? So do I.
It reminds me more of another part of the Guide. I was thinking about the part where they had stolen a ship that appeared to be unoccupied, but later found out that the crew were hyper-evolving beings that had evolved into furniture. They found out when the sofa Trillian had been sitting on turned out to be the captain. That may have only been in the radio plays, though. It's hard for me to keep all the versions straight. XD
Oscelot Wills427 years ago
Blast! Beat me to it.. ;)
my favorite books of all time. and not a bad movie.
footer06 years ago
notice the telescope [for peeping hehe]
altomic7 years ago
i remember seeing a site about a guy who made a "transformers" car suit. Does anyone have a link for that?
no, you can probably google it or youtube it. there are lot of those. None of them, however, are as cool as this..
casey321b7 years ago
that is frigin awesome dude!!!! this sounds weird but id love to sit on u XD. thatd be fun
yeah, it was pretty fun. He was all like *squirm*.. aaaawkwaaaaaard! good times.
az19957 years ago
Ducky Boy (author)  az19957 years ago
hells yeah we can be school planner buddies! oh sorry
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