Picture of The Maitlands!
Introducing Barbara and Adam Maitland!

Every year for Halloween I usually take a face/sex altering route.  One year I was an old man complete with the liquid latex face and all.  This year after some inspiration from Pinterest I decided that Matt and I would be the Maitlands, and the peach fuzz on my face would get a break from being ripped out at the end of the night.

Here are the majority of the materials that I used for these masks.  The other materials that I used will be in the upcoming steps and I will point them out.  Some steps can more than likely be modified for ease, but this was my first time making masks, so I had to learn the hard way!
  • Plaster of Paris (aka, MAGIC/LIFESAVING SAUCE)
  • Vinyl spackling (probably not necessary, in hindsight)
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Plaster wrap
  • Model Magic

Step 1: Forming the Masks

Picture of Forming the Masks
You just have to dive in! I started with two foam toy "hard hats" as a base to build off of. Then, I searched our apt. to see what materials we already had that I could use.  I ended up sacrificing two metal s'more skewers to form her jawline, which was totes worth it no matter how much I loved that s'mores kit. From there I used newspaper and masking tape to build up each mask and position everything as best I could.  I also used model magic and a foam cone to form Adam Maitlands stretched out nose.
 New Materials Used:
  • 2 Toy foam hard hats
  • Metal skewers
  • Foam cone
OmnivoreNZ1 year ago

Very well done, and very well documented.

TheRemy500 (author)  OmnivoreNZ1 year ago
Thank you! :D
tsa'ad1 year ago
Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice!
This is absolutely fantastic! Really cool & well-made costumes!
TheRemy500 (author)  alannarosewhitney1 year ago
Thank you Alanna! :D
Aseel _RAB1 year ago
very cool!
TheRemy500 (author)  Lord_Pruitt1 year ago
Thank you!! :)
-BALES-1 year ago
Fantasic work!
TheRemy500 (author)  -BALES-1 year ago
Thank you so much! I had so much fun doing it, I'm looking for excuses to pick up a new project asap haha :D
tderakc1 year ago
Beetle juice movie <3