The Making of Interplanetary: a Bracelet


Introduction: The Making of Interplanetary: a Bracelet

About: I'm a metalsmith and jeweler and I run my own small jewelry business. I work primarily in sterling silver, copper, brass, enamel, and occasionally beads, semi-precious stones, and found objects. I'm also a ...
This is a making of video for the creation of my art piece Interplanetary.

The materials included:
Sterling silver, brass, copper, and amethyst.

Other tools/materials used:
Silver solder, liver of sulphur, flux, pickle, beeswax, various hammers/tweezers, jewelers saw, acetylene torch, flex-shaft, files, sandpaper, ring clamp, dapping block, polishing bits, and of course, sharpies.

It was created for's NASA contest.



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    You cannot truly appreciate the beauty of this piece unless you watch the video! The magnificence shows in the movement. It may not be comfortable to wear, but it's beautiful to show. Brava!

    I like the whimsical design. Looks like great fun.
    What were you soldering on at ~2:40? were they bezels for the stones?

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    Thanks! Yes, those were the bezels. I drilled/filed the holes just big enough for them to fit then soldered them in place.