Step 7: Thank U All.

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Ok...Now that i´finished I have to give thanks to all Knife Makers to submit all that valious info...I know its not the best leatherwork neither bladesmithing work but it was just the basics ,if somene get offended I apologize.
Hope you like it and I dont hurt feelings.
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Bien una vez explicado esto espero haber aclarado el verdadero significado del vocablo machete.
Ahora si quieren disfruten la película de Rodríguez, personalmente me parece ridículamente Graciosa, no la he visto ni pienso hacerlo. Odio los clichés de Hollywood.
Espero les haya gustado y lo intenten en casa.
Califiquen y voten.

nealbirch4 years ago

Put more weight towards the point so the force of the blow is improved, right now more of the weight is near the handle, which will make it easier to swing but the energy in the strike will be more towards the back of the blade.


Good job!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  nealbirch4 years ago
I really liked the Shape cause i need a pointed tip.Just matter of Taste and believe me this badass strikes very strong, I think that the technique of the strikes is that really matters.
But of course! If your technique is excellent, you will be so much better with whatever you use.

I have a friend who has a set of Ping golf clubs, he says he can't blame his poor game on anything but himself. I remember reading about a golf pro who could play a game (for a wager, of course) with a pool cue, a shovel and a rake... and win!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  nealbirch4 years ago
I remember reading about a Queen that could played croquet with flamingos instead of mallets....If somenoe wins her..."Off with his head...XD
Mr.Sanchez (author)  nealbirch4 years ago
Good Point...and I´m agreed...thnks for ur comment
Mr.Sanchez (author)  nealbirch4 years ago
But you are right about the shape , size.and weight..it shouldnt be called machete but a Biiiiiiiig Knife....thnks for the comment.
Flash6354 years ago
A flat leaf spring is good stock to make a machette blade.
Depends on the thickness, I think. Machetes should be pretty thin, ¿no?
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Marcos El Malo4 years ago
But you are right about the shape , size.and weight..it shouldnt be called machete but a Biiiiiiiig Knife....thnks for the comment.
I know this is just an accessory to the knife, but your sheath really got me thinking. I already have a store-bought machete. Around here (I live in the campo), people carry their machetes in their hands for the most, or, if they're on horseback (or using a burro), they slide it between a strap and the saddle or whatever.

I want to make a sheath for my machete that would go over my shoulder. After seeing your sheath, which is quite adequate for its purpose, I'm inspired.

Sé que esto es sólo un accesorio para el cuchillo, pero su vaina me hizo pensar. Ya tengo una machete que comprado en una tienda. Por aquí (yo vivo en el campo), las personas llevan sus machetes en sus manos para la mayoría, o, si están montando a caballo (o con un burro), ellos se la deslizan entre la correa y la silla o lo que sea.

Quiero hacer una vaina para mi machete que iría por encima de mi hombro. Después de ver su vaina, que es muy adecuada para su propósito, estoy inspirado.

PS: I cheated and used google translate, but had to go over it several times because it makes some weird translations. Hopefully, my adjusted version makes sense.

Oh, and a slang idioma for a Biiiiiig Knife would be a Biiiiiiiiiig F__king Knife. But don't say this around your grandma or a priest. It's muy vulgar. Si, mi boca es sucio y feo, pero no soy de D.F. Puedes creerlo? :D
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Marcos El Malo4 years ago
Ure so funny amigo Marcos...youre getting the point..because his medium size you could carry on like a Ninja Sword with a stripe around your chest...and in your back. I live near the campo Too...Just find a nice piece of leather and the sewing thread could be from the same piece of leather just cut stripes.Como dato curioso te cuento que la vaina en mi tierra es una "cosa" muy distinta...XP...luego te cuento...Fuerte abrazo.
LOL, OMG. No necesitas decir mas. Yo culpo mi diccionario! "La funda" tiene razon?
No es exactamente una funda, el termino más correcto es VAINA, aunque en según que paises signifique cierta parte de la anatomía o de desecho humano... jejeje
Saludos y gracias!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Flash6354 years ago
Agreed...this is just the beggining...wait for more Forge Ibles.
wizcling684 years ago
I made one from the leaf of a dump truck. Very good metal to work with; already hardened
Mr.Sanchez (author)  wizcling684 years ago
I thought could be so heavy. As I said in the description this sheet of steel was tempered by Sun and Rain through many years, so the steel was so Hard and thick.
I feel so lucky to find such a piece of metal.But you are right maybe next time.