Step 7: Thank U All.

Ok...Now that i´finished I have to give thanks to all Knife Makers to submit all that valious info...I know its not the best leatherwork neither bladesmithing work but it was just the basics ,if somene get offended I apologize.
Hope you like it and I dont hurt feelings.
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Bien una vez explicado esto espero haber aclarado el verdadero significado del vocablo machete.
Ahora si quieren disfruten la película de Rodríguez, personalmente me parece ridículamente Graciosa, no la he visto ni pienso hacerlo. Odio los clichés de Hollywood.
Espero les haya gustado y lo intenten en casa.
Califiquen y voten.

that's cool i have to make one now
Hi! sir <br>like information on this how make this <br>write or at spiritwild09@hotmail.com <br>
el trabajo con el machete esta excelente, si me permites una recomendaci&oacute;n yo le cambiar&iacute;a el cuero con que cosiste el estuche por hilo encerado, el que se usa para coser zapatos, eso sera sin duda mucho mas resistente a los elementos. Saludos
Gracias por la sugerencia , estoy de acuero, la verdad utilic&eacute; lo que ten&iacute;a a la mano.Hare las mejoras que s&eacute;an necesarias.
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I&acute;m on it.Thnks...
I like the way that you weaved it, how it goes through the centre. Very nice 5 stars.
Thnk U so much...and it works so fine.
Voted. Good luck!! :-)
En palabras de el filosofo Criollo, y cito: &quot;Perder es ganar un poco&quot; =(...
Thnks Compa...!!!
If I won the Dead Computer Contest with a Cyborg and my codename became &quot;Cyborg&quot;, your codename will be &quot;Machete&quot;??? :-P
Mucho gusto, Ricardo Sanchez, para los amigos :&quot;<strike><strong>MACHETE</strong></strike>&quot;...&quot;me gusta como suena... &nbsp;&nbsp;&gt;B].<br> Nice to meet you, Mr. Sanchez, but friends &nbsp;can call me: <strike><strong>&quot;MACHETE &quot;<br> &nbsp;</strong></strike>
But ONLY if i win...AND wIN ...AND....WIN...!!!!
A flat leaf spring is good stock to make a machette blade.<br>
Depends on the thickness, I think. Machetes should be pretty thin, &iquest;no?
what upside down question mark!!!!!!!!!?????!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!???!?~?!??!?
But you are right about the shape , size.and weight..it shouldnt be called <strike><strong>machete</strong></strike> but a Biiiiiiiig Knife....thnks for the comment.
I know this is just an accessory to the knife, but your sheath really got me thinking. I already have a store-bought machete. Around here (I live in the campo), people carry their machetes in their hands for the most, or, if they're on horseback (or using a burro), they slide it between a strap and the saddle or whatever.<br><br>I want to make a sheath for my machete that would go over my shoulder. After seeing your sheath, which is quite adequate for its purpose, I'm inspired.<br><br>S&eacute; que esto es s&oacute;lo un accesorio para el cuchillo, pero su vaina me hizo pensar. Ya tengo una machete que comprado en una tienda. Por aqu&iacute; (yo vivo en el campo), las personas llevan sus machetes en sus manos para la mayor&iacute;a, o, si est&aacute;n montando a caballo (o con un burro), ellos se la deslizan entre la correa y la silla o lo que sea.<br><br>Quiero hacer una vaina para mi machete que ir&iacute;a por encima de mi hombro. Despu&eacute;s de ver su vaina, que es muy adecuada para su prop&oacute;sito, estoy inspirado.<br><br>PS: I cheated and used google translate, but had to go over it several times because it makes some weird translations. Hopefully, my adjusted version makes sense.<br><br>Oh, and a slang idioma for a Biiiiiig Knife would be a Biiiiiiiiiig F__king Knife. But don't say this around your grandma or a priest. It's muy vulgar. Si, mi boca es sucio y feo, pero no soy de D.F. Puedes creerlo? :D
Ure so funny amigo Marcos...youre getting the point..because his medium size you could carry on like a Ninja Sword with a stripe around your chest...and in your back. I live near the campo Too...Just find a nice piece of leather and the sewing thread could be from the same piece of leather just cut stripes.Como dato curioso te cuento que la vaina en mi tierra es una &quot;<strong>cosa&quot;</strong> muy distinta...XP...luego te cuento...Fuerte abrazo.
LOL, OMG. No necesitas decir mas. Yo culpo mi diccionario! &quot;La funda&quot; tiene razon?
No es exactamente una funda, el termino m&aacute;s correcto es VAINA, aunque en seg&uacute;n que paises signifique cierta parte de la anatom&iacute;a o de desecho humano... jejeje<br>Saludos y gracias!
Vaina tambi&eacute;n es C&aacute;scara tierna y larga en que est&aacute;n encerradas las semillas de algunas plantas.Creo q funda es un termino mas coloquial o popular. Tienes toda la raz&oacute;n...a la vaina esa se le puede llamar Funda.Gracias por la correcci&oacute;n.
Great 'ible! <br> <br>You might want to look for springs that a made up of many leafs or what is called a soft ride suspension because the material tends to be a little thinner thus not as heavy as well as less time and fuel to heat. Less grinding time as well.
Agreed...this is just the beggining...wait for more Forge Ibles.
Thank you for writing in two languages! <br>
Ure wellcome...well II&acute;m trying to improve my few english skills.
Yo hablo en espanol tambien, pero muy despachio y con dificil. <br>Estan treinta anos despues de yo tengan(?) instrucciones en espanol. <br> <br>As you can see, my English is far better than my Spanish.
Instructables enEspa&ntilde;ol....jummmm...Buena Idea...!!!!
Instruccioneshacer? instruyofactible? <br>Construye? HacerLoMismo? (Esto es Dificil!) <br>FabricanteFactible?
Instructivo, capaz de construir.
ahhh confusing, (probably because i don't speake spanish)
I love this instructable,i love the machete, i am currently making the machete and will be finished tomorrow, i havent used the technique of yours, but was inspired by this instructable as ive always wanted a machete, thank you for the inspiration and good instructable
Sr. Sanchez, qued&oacute; muy bueno su trabajo y m&aacute;s si es un pedazo de metal recuperado, creo que le da m&aacute;s valor, vi todas las fotos y aprend&iacute; algunas cosas, creo que esa es la idea de estas paginas, lo felicito. Quedo MACHETE el Machete, En mi pais utilizamos el termino machete para algo muy bueno, por ejemplo; Como esta la salud? y se responde Machete o la fiesta estaba machete. De nuevo lo felicito. Saludos
Gracias por valorarlo de tal modo...es un utencilio diario en mi region...y tienen mucho significado y sino preguntemosle a Elpidio valdez<br> <div class="media_embed"> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1htdAy4c6U</div>
Your english is quite good. i love the instructable and while your grammer is not perfect, it is easy to tell exactly what you mean
Thnks djzadjza..did I spell Right...?
Yeah well you were close if not right on with most things but unfortunetly you spelled my wrong. You spelled it mi and it is accually spelled my. Most of the errors I wouldn't have noticed if I hadnt been paying attention.
Ohhhh...dont you get it...?...first title its in Spanish (My native Language) and the last one is In English
that would make sense... i feel really stupid right now. By the way, that was really cool that you put it in spanish.
XD...actually when I said :&quot;Did I spell right...?&quot;was talking about your Nickname...Thnks 4 ur comments..
Well I feel even stupider now. But yes you spelled it right. <br>
Great job! Your english is very good and the machete looks awesome!
Thnk u so much your appreciations...I&acute;m still learning English through Instructables...pls forgive my grammar mistakes...
Trust me, tu ingles es mejor de mi espa&ntilde;ol (I think that's how to say it). Just keep at it, as long as you're learning and improving you have nothing to be embarrassed about.<br><br>And awesome instructible.
Thnk U so much jstoner...
It is for this same reason you never want to wear gloves while using an angle grinder. If a glove gets caught you will suffer far greater injuries then if you just cut yourself with the grinder. Additionally id say that the most important way to avoid hurting yourself with an angle grinder is to securly clamp your workpiece and use both hands on the tool. This will keep your precious digits out of the line of fire. <br><br>On another note I love this instructable. I am an amateur bladesmith and love seeing what others are doing.
Never want to wear Gloves...?...Ohhh ...Boy In fact You are an amateur...Safety First...even the gratest bladesmithers wear gloves.

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