In this Instructable, I am going to walk thru the process I went through to make a steampunk inspired pumpkin for Halloween. Steampunk is a a fusion of materials and technology and a philosophy of re-use and re-engineering. This inspired my to make my Steam Pumpkin. It's complete with a fog machine controlled by the ioBridge IO-204 and lit by BlinkM RGB LEDs. The fog shots out of its ears when motion is detected by a Passive Infrared sensor.

Here is the steam pumpkin in action and some completed project photos:

Step 1: Gather Materials

From around the house I gather up materials to re-purpose to decorate the pumpkin. I found a old purse with some brass loops, gold chain, and covered in fake leather. I also got a lampshade, door knob covers, door hinge, candle stick holder, and some brass brads to hold things together.

I used a Dremel to cut off and reshape metal parts.

Nice build, and congratulations on making Make online!<br>There are artificial steampunkins on Etsy too.<br>http://www.etsy.com/shop/IsherCreations?section_id=10413854
What is the purpose of using the ioBridge for this application? Since you aren't connecting your pumpkin to the internet (which seems to be what the ioBridge is all about) , couldn't you just use any microcontroller to activate the fog machine and LEDs when the motion detector is triggered?
You can setup control logic on the web, then disconnect from your network and it acts like a simple micrcontroller. I could have easily sent a Tweet every time the pumpkin was triggered, but that would be so 2008 (since my toaster already does that). You are right though, the IO-204 is more about the web/internet piece. You could really use any microcontroller that can read a digital input state and switch a digital output state to trigger a relay.<br><br>What are you building?
Thanks clarifying that.<br><br>I'm looking to setup some type of home automation system that I can control from my smartphone. The ioBridge seems like the most user friendly route to take, since it handles most of the complex web interface stuff. I have a lot of experience with electronics and microcontrollers, but almost no experience with web based programming, so this will be a good opportunity to get up to speed with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and all the other tools necessary to make this project come together.<br><br>I checked out your iTurn project and your article about using perl with ioBridge, and I'll probably have a bunch of questions for you once I purchase my ioBridge and get started.
steampkin :D
lol Steam Pumkin<br />
&nbsp;that's awesome!
it had to be done good job<br />
You should have titled it &quot;The Making of a Steampumpkin.&quot; Good job, though. <br />

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