The Mantis Arm





Introduction: The Mantis Arm

this is a arm I originally did for school and i' m to this day the only person to finish it completely but of course once the grading was done i took it home and ripped it off its base that it was attached 2 so I can use it as an extended arm see what it used 2 do was pick up little cars . the whole thing is controlled by a cheap form of hydraulics its basically 6 syringes and 3 tubes :P with some wood and hot melt glue its not the greatest but I like to experiment with my own versions of human anatomy cause i hops to be a robotic engginer some day but right now i will stick to my prototypes :P please comment and give me your opinion



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What does it do?

very interesting...I don't know what to make of it, but it looks cool...

does this use air or will it work with water?

what does it do it doesnt look like it can pick any thing up

and video would be sweet.

i still can't figure out how to put a video on i have one but lol idunno how :P

well,. figure it out and put one on.

Hmm.. You could do with turning that second image right-side up (it would look a lot cooler), and I can't quite see which part does the actual grabbing? Maybe add a picture of it holding something, or, better, a video of it in use, like codonglev suggested.